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Data Warehousing - A History of Disruptive Technology

Summary of a blog post by Adam Ronthal, Technical Product Marketing & Strategy, Big Data, Cloud, and Appliances, IBM

Cloud is changing the economics of deploying warehousing and analytic environments while introducing new levels of agility.  147 more words

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Why in-memory?

Summary of a blog post by Amit Patel, IBM Program Director Data Warehouse Solutions Marketing, 

Memory is the new disk. Disk is the new tape. And all of this opens fascinating new possibilities.    214 more words

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The Relative Merits of IBM and Teradata Data Warehouses

By Rich Hughes,

A recent report concludes IBM® PureData™ System for Analytics (PDA) has distinct advantages over a comparable Teradata Data Warehouse appliance.  The International Technology Group (ITG) determined the three year cost of ownership of Teradata’s 2750 as 150% more expensive than IBM’s PDA N200x.  548 more words

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Big Data: Playing a Zone Offense

By Dennis Duckworth

Many companies these days find themselves on the defensive when it comes to Big Data. Some don’t really know what Big Data is. 915 more words

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Operational Warehousing can be of great business benefit, be agile, and stands the test of time if you do it Right!

By Phil Downey,

Today’s businesses are demanding more from  Reporting, Analytics and Warehousing, no longer is there a perception that end of month, week or even day is good enough, as businesses become increasingly savvy on how to gain competitive advantage and operational efficiency, by more closely monitoring, managing and acting on information as it becomes available. 576 more words

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Big Data - Please wait ! Let's take care of our SMALL data first

It’s a great conversation topic; almost all senior executives seem interested in discussions around big data and how it can help their business achieve unparalleled success. 399 more words

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Using Teradata's Appliance for Hadoop to Reduce TCO

Teradata has recently announced a very complete Teradata database-to-Hadoop integration. Is this note we’ll consider how a Teradata shop might effectively use these features to significantly reduce the TCO of any Teradata system. 555 more words

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