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SAP HANA is an in-memory, columnar database system that runs only on x86 platforms. Database is designed to be held in memory. This suggests SAP HANA is not a practical proposition for very large data warehouses (for cost reasons if for no other). 117 more words

Data Persistance


If you have been an ardent follower of this blog, you would have noticed that on several of my articles, I have explained what CRM is, so I will not waste my time defining CRM. 902 more words

Outreach Activity: Piotr Chudzik at Univ. Politécnica de Madrid

During the ASDM 2014 (Advanced Statistics and Data Mining) summer school I gave a talk about the REVAMMAD project and my contribution to the project. The presentation was attended by both academics (Stockholm University, Lyon University, INRIA among many) as well as people from industry (e.g. 155 more words

IBM builds up its cloud with Netezza as a service and NoSQL as software

IBM announced a bunch of new cloud data services on Monday, including an intelligent data-preparation tool, an in-memory analytic database and even a local version of a historically cloud-based database. 603 more words

What’s New (that matters) In SQL 2014

Microsoft’s release of SQL 2014 might seem like it was an April fool’s joke, but they were quite serious with their general release of SQL 2014 on April 1st 2014.  983 more words


Old School vs. new school - Its Both!

Excellent article by Wayne Eckerson (most of his are) . We give Data Warehouses a bad name because they have been implemented in a way that does not meet the businesses needs – certainly not from an analytical perspective. 70 more words

Big Data

Big Data?? O que é isso?? :s

  • É um grande “armazém digital” de dados voláteis ou não voláteis;
  • Leva a uma análise mais precisa, que permite uma decisão mais confiante e uma diminuição de custos e riscos, de uma perspectiva empresarial;
  • 413 more words
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