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The Mindmap and the Anti-Theory Tree Movement (Go Rhizomes!)

mindmap: http://popplet.com/app/#/1589875

This week’s mindmap update was a bit bigger than previous weeks (though not all previous weeks). I added nodes for Rainie and Wellman, Delueze and Guattari, and Scott (lonely man in this list, no?), and connected them as an extension of Castells’ Network Society Theory. 359 more words


WIP: A Slice of the Bay Area, Part 1

The biggest perk of living in the Bay Area is the amazing variety of natural preserves to visit.  Particularly here in Silicon Valley, we are surrounded by easily accessed hiking trails.  580 more words


Today gave us a great example of why the Cloud sucks

So news just came out today that a fire broke out in a datacenter belonging to Samsung in Gwacheon, South Korea. The fire caused Samsung.com to go down for several hours. 273 more words

Parkour vs BMX: How popular is Parkour compared to other extreme sports?

Here at The London Traceur, we know there’s nothing better than listening to some great tunes and practicing our Parkour. We’re sure it’s the best sport out there, but we wanted to see if the public agreed with us. 106 more words


Sparse Data is the New Black - Xively Official Blog

“Your sparse data set may illuminate clusters of activity that wouldn’t be noticeable from a pretty HTML5 visualization of that data. In addition to finding trends from clustered data, a natural next step would be to close the feedback loop. 53 more words


Where technology meets fashion

21st century. We got used to so many fashionable gadgets around us that we take everything for granted. We stopped wondering long time ago: How is this even possible? 179 more words