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UPDATE Statement with .WRITE - Minimally logged operation during Partial/Full Update

The .WRITE clause is an integral part of the UPDATE statement. Commonly it’s used to perform a partial update on big data set of VARCHAR (MAX), NVARCHAR (MAX) and VARBINARY (MAX) data types. 299 more words

Database Administrator

DIY DBA - hobbyist or menace?

Musings on a consultant’s world.

We’ve all met them.  Either at work, on a project or in social interaction, the person who you meet and they say “oh, you’re an Oracle DBA… me too.   740 more words


Collations with Linked Server’s Queries

As we know collations are used by SQL Server to compare and order strings. When working with remote SQL Server instances, the engine will correctly compare and order strings based on the remote column collation. 244 more words

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