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DIY DBA - hobbyist or menace?

Musings on a consultant’s world.

We’ve all met them.  Either at work, on a project or in social interaction, the person who you meet and they say “oh, you’re an Oracle DBA… me too.   740 more words


Collations with Linked Server’s Queries

As we know collations are used by SQL Server to compare and order strings. When working with remote SQL Server instances, the engine will correctly compare and order strings based on the remote column collation. 244 more words

Database Administrator

Database Administrator Job at Sipco Pepsi-Bugshan – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Job Description
Role Purpose: Manage and administer the company’s databases independent and in cluster environment using storage area network across the organization. Assist Infrastructure manager in planning and budgeting to ensure that business critical application database services are up to date and fulfill the entire organization information needs. 427 more words

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Import Text file in a Table

As we know there are many options to import TEXT file data in a SQL Server Database table like using Import/Export Wizard, SSIS, BULK Insert command or OPENROWSET method, apart from these we can also use xp_cmdshell to import text file in a Table as, 42 more words

Database Administrator

Customizing ORDER BY clause

As we know ORDER BY clause used to sort result as per specified order – where it may be ASC or DESC. Its sort the result set by specified columns. 130 more words

Database Administrator