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Nightcap - July 28

Open source database and programming are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


A new low in "databases": the PDF

I’ve had a half-formed, but not very interesting blog post in my head for some months now. It’s about a conversation I had with a PhD student, around 10 years ago, after she went to a bioinformatics talk titled “Excel is not a database” and how she laughed as I’d been telling her that “for years already”. 150 more words


Redshift Malfunction when Disk Full

redshift disk full 일 때 delete recocrd, drop table도 동작 안하므로 주의
미리 alarm 세팅해 두고 용량이 넉넉할 때 노드 추가 할 것.

scale out에서 노드 개수를 늘려주면 다시 정상 상태로 돌아온다. 단 매우 오래 걸림. 그동안의 data integrity는 와장창임.


Data Base

In most case we limit the database size inorder to avoid dumping of data by attackers.

We can change this size limit in two different ways… 27 more words


Clone Database with large Fast Recovery Area

Recently I got a strange error when cloning a database with RMAN duplicate command:

Duplicate database always errored out at the following memory script:

contents of Memory Script: 290 more words


A Bluemix recipe with MongoDB and Node.js

Here is a tasty IBM Bluemix recipe with a dash of MongoDB and a pinch of Node.js. This posts shows the steps needed to perform basic CRUD (Create, Remove, Update & Delete) operations on the MongoDB database using REST APIs of PUT,GET, UPDATE & DELETE. 1,129 more words


NAMUS offers way to share missing persons data - Chicago Sun-Times

It began with the dead.

An estimated 40,000 unidentified dead bodies 10 years ago in the offices of medical examiners and coroners nationwide — many of those officials with limited access to information about missing person cases from across the country — prompted the creation of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, a federally funded national repository of people who have vanished. 93 more words