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Find When Backup Or Restore Completes

You can use this quick little script to find when a Backup or Restore completes. It will estimate how many hours, or minutes you have left. 50 more words

SQL Stuff


分析向けデータベースを展開している CitusDB が PostgreSQL を列指向ストレージ対応させる foreign data wrapper(cstore_fdw) をオープンソース化したので、とりあえずインストールしてみた。

cstore_fdw の特徴

github の cstore_fdw に特徴がまとめられている。



  • Faster Analytics – Reduce analytics query disk and memory use by 10x…
  • 1,534 more words

Imported tables are not showing up in phpmyadmin

I have imported a .sql file as you did and then I went to phpmyadmin, selected the database and surprise: No tables in the database, but I went to mysql command line and did a SHOW TABLES and they do exist. 109 more words


A Lovely Display of Letters

At least to an academic, this digital collection of “The John McCoy Family Papers” at the Dartmouth College Library is lovely. View the documents and letters from this page: … 142 more words


Going Home

At the end of June, I’m retiring, and this weekend I’m doing what my father wanted so badly to do when he was in Korea—I’m going home. 225 more words


Linux වලට mySQL

මේ පොස්ට් එක කෙලින්ම MySQL install කරමු පොස්ට් එකට සම්බන්ධයි.මේ ටිකත් ඒකටම දැම්මොත් මේකේ තියන වටිනාකම නැතුව යනවා.දැන් බලමු මොකද්ද කරන්න ඕන කියලා.


Enhanced Search Results coming to UpToDate

In the next few weeks, UpToDate will upgrade its search results features so that it will be faster and easier to use. Watch the video to find out more!

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