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Reports: Lessons learned during platform upgrade

Our organization is in the process of a full upgrade from IBM TRIRIGA 2.7.x Platform to the IBM TRIRIGA 3.4.x Platform and the 10.4 applications. During the upgrade process, we identified queries that didn’t work (except as administrator). 105 more words


ExploitTable 2014 + Buscador de Exploits = PWNED!

Durante el año 2014 se han conocido nuevas vulnerabilidades de diferentes plataformas que afectan a más de una especie en particular. Ubicarlas y acordarselas es una tarea algo dificil para los que estamos en éste ambiente, ya que la cabeza la tenemos por absolutamente todos lados. 423 more words


Detective Novel Series in France in the 1930's and 1940's

Jean Kéry

Gérard Dixe, L’Homme aux yeux jaunes, éditions Raymonde Fournier,

illustration René Brantonne.

The 1930’s and 1940’s saw a wealth of Crime Fiction series in France.  520 more words


Dept of Justice aka MiniLove spies on you...uses license plate readers to build database on every American


The Department of Injustice is using thousands of licence plate readers to build a database on the travels of every American. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot among others would have loved to have access to this kind of information on its citizens. 156 more words

Police State

[Part 2] Ernie Banks' Performance in Double Headers (Using MySQL and R)

Earlier today, I wrote about Ernie Banks’ performance in double headers, inspired by his famous quote “Let’s Play Two!”, and provided the MySQL queries and R code required to calculate these statistics in… 358 more words


Which San-Antonio books should you read ?

San-Antonio, Bérurier au Sérail, Paris, Fleuve Noir, 1964

In a Series totalling 175 novels, it is understandably difficult to locate, or even to remember, in which country each adventure is set.  620 more words


Deprecation of Non-CDB Architecture in Oracle 12c

Back in July 2013, Oracle released the latest version of its flagship database product, Oracle 12c. Among the usual fanfare was information about a number of new options – including one known as… 742 more words