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Fetching from our database via our web application

The first task for the back end team (Currently Stan and Yogi) was to get our web application to read data from our database. To do this, we created an AllCocktails.jsp page that would be accessed when the browser is directed towards /ilofcocktails/Cocktails. 252 more words

Applied Computing

How to store passwords in a database

1. Unencrypted


• Everyone who gets a peek at the file immediately knows how to login with as any user.
• Gives a clue on which sort of password a user seems to favour (Alfred and David might like dates, Eric Cleese likes Monty Python) 496 more words


Data Access

Oracle uses several means to control data access and the best way is to assign privileges and roles to users. You can assign individual privileges to users but this can become overwhelming when you have many users, this is were roles comes in to play as privileges can be assigned to the role then the role assigned to the user. 1,083 more words


Schema Management

In oracle a schema is a collection of logical structures of data, or schema objects, it is mostly associated with a user that owns the schema pertaining to a specific application. 203 more words


Undo Data

Undo data provides read consistency, Oracle provides two ways to allocate and manage undo(rollback) space among transactions. If you use the manual approach you will be using traditional rollback segments but is easier to let oracle automatically control the rollback segments which is called AUM (automatic undo management), the only part on the DBA side is to size the undo tablespace, then oracle will automatically create the undo segments within the tablespace. 873 more words



Normalization is simply breaking down tables to achieve efficiency in retrieving and maintaining data. The most common reason is to avoid redundancy which means less storage is required. 194 more words


Relational Databases

There are 3 terms that are used in relational database models – relations, attributes and domains .A relation is a table with columns and rows. The named columns of the relation are called the attributes and the domain is the set of values the attributes are allowed to take. 590 more words

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