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Say No and let go.

When a old love calls you and ask for your forgiveness you need to learn to say no. Say no to meeting up again and say no to closure. 97 more words


"Real"Online dating and why it isn't working for me.

Part of my rehabilitation back in the normal society is to get back into the dating scene. When you pass 25 years of age it gets more and more difficult to date and meet new friends. 342 more words


Dating: Awkward Steve's Breakup

Based on the feedback I received from my last post, everyone loved it and loves me, but was surprised by the tone and lack of jokes and funniness.   985 more words


Breaking all the rules in love (from a escorts perspective)

You are living your life and fulfilling men and women’s fantasies on a weekly basis. A sensual dream in a short dress and high heels walks into the apartment completely set in the mindset of the whore.  366 more words


Chivalry is dead.

Unfortunately, chivalry died long before I met it.

I went on another date.

Yep, me. Seems I’m keeping busy by entertaining some of Houston’s bachelors. 182 more words


Real Love VS Payed Love.

One of the mings I really miss with the escort life is the selfish, effortless and most importantly emotionless love encounters.

In real life everything you do is based on emotions and with that comes disappointment. 236 more words


A big "don't " on a date.

I am a pretty easy going girl. I don’t ask much when I am gong on dates.

Today I went on my first blind date for over two years. 145 more words