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D8 with a Vanilla Scone

In the immortal almost words of Ke$ha, “It’s going down… I’m now on Tinder!”

I’m no stranger to online dating, and like most I’m no stranger to the potential disappointment that online sourcing of dates may bring. 751 more words


D8 with a Glue Stick

Ever have a date that doesn’t say a word, but in the “big picture” says SO much?

I was fortunate to spend some time with Fourth-Generation Psychic Medium and Author Linda Lauren, and she taught me how to make a Relationship Collage. 367 more words


The Bachelor: The smack and The Happy Hour Date

Previously on The Bachelor… we had gone to an open mic night, he had volunteered his Saturday night to care for me while I was feeling sick, and requested to see me again the following day. 858 more words


The Bachelor: Open Mic and The Caregiver

Previously on The Bachelor… The Bachelor had taken me to sushi and the beach for our first date.  We drank wine and played/sang music on the deserted beach under the clearest sky and the largest full moon.   779 more words


The Bachelor: Beach One-on-One Date

Previously on The Bachelor, I had met a gentleman at a bar.  After much patience, he gave me his number and we texted.  We had planned a date for the following Thursday.   569 more words


Information About My Date Last Night!

I like to keep my promises. You guys might be wondering “How was your date? I’ve been waiting to know all day!” Well okay probably nobody really cares too much nor I hope you guys haven’t been waiting all day to hear what went on. 667 more words


Date tonight!

Okay so I told you guys I would keep you posted on my love life, well I have a date tonight!

I’m really nervous and slightly scared. 165 more words