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My world skipped a beat

I met him through Tinder. I still cannot believe that dating apps actually work!

After chatting with him on Tinder itself a couple of times, we decided to shift out conversations to Whatsapp, late night talks on the phone and finally my first date with this guy. 499 more words


Let's Go On a Date

What is the one thing that you want to do with that special individual of your life? What is the ideal date you want to go on with them? 984 more words


When the past is knocking on your day, what do you do?

I should have known by my restless sleep that something bad would be dropping into my life and I was right.

I did many mistakes when I was a active escort and the biggest of them all was mixing business and personal life. 202 more words


Our First Date

Our first date was special and amazing. We remember it like it was yesterday.


I had only ever been on 2 dates before my first date with my Sunshine. 809 more words


Attraction without the sexual chemistry.

There is a problem in the dating world that we need to address. It might not be a issue to you but it is certainly annoying me. 278 more words


Of Rainy Days, School Admissions and Growing Up

I love this time of year, I really, truly do. I am an autumn girl hands down! I think because both my children were born at this time (one September, one October) I will forever hold such fond feelings for this cool weather, right now I’m in a really happy place; I feel loved and am just the level of busy to stop me from over-thinking things worrying too much or being bored. 359 more words


Online dating - my progress

So I finally got over my shyness and shallowness and decided to give online dating a fair chance. So far I have been on three dates: one extremely bad, one okish and one that got me laid. 316 more words