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A New Playfriend

I met a new playfriend a couple weeks ago. My boyfriend met her first out at a bar one night. She started chatting him up and they hit it off. 296 more words

Alice's Adventures

Rising to the Occasion

One of my best pals recently moved back into the city. In a last minute move (it’s how we be), I showed up to his bare apt to help him gather up some toiletries and so on and so forth. 1,053 more words

General Bitching

Planetary Ukulele Man at Johnny Brenda's

I was waiting for a first date. He was a half hour late. So I sat at the bar at Johnny Brenda’s on a weekday night with an empty seat on either side of me, listening to a heavy metal DJ, and drinking a bourbon neat. 459 more words


The Clinger: 2nd Date

If you haven’t already, go over and read about my first date with ‘The Clinger’

So after out first date, this guy messages me a lot. 858 more words

Black Girl


Let’s talk about negging. When done correctly it does make you more attractive even though most ladies, like myself, are smart enough to know exactly what you’re doing. 449 more words

Out of date syrup, but in a good way!

I’m probably coming to the party really late, but I’ve recently discovered the delights of date syrup.  In case anyone else doesn’t know, it’s a natural sweetener with a rich, treacly taste.  96 more words