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She took a determined swig of her half pint of bitter. There were only so many occasions she could force laughter at her date’s crude jokes and cruder impersonations. 673 more words


millennium park.

We’re back from the long Labor Day weekend. I hope everybody’s was safe, happy and fun. I had such a nice time relaxing with Jeremy, visiting with my family, and just enjoying some much needed R&R. 618 more words


Friday Night Date.

You’ve been staring at your clock all day waiting for it to hit 5:00, and when it does you leave work skipping cause you know it’s the WEEKEND!! 145 more words

What if I miss out on him because I'm staring at my phone

What if I miss out on him because I’m sitting in the subway staring at my phone.

What if I miss out on him because I’m staring at my phone and I’m so busy with the updates on peoples Facebook timeline that I didn’t even noticed the update on the Erasmus line: … 255 more words


Comics and Cartoons: Day 2

Prompt: Redraw a cartoon and give it a new caption or punchline.

Coming up with a workable caption took longer than I thought. I think if the art sits there simmering for a while, insights about the subject matter start bubbling up. 114 more words


circle the date

what is the arrival

and where did it strike

and how did it have so much fear

and the long an its running deer

and how it splits hairs… 43 more words


Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib....Back Again?

hmmmm dem dem don talk say Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib her former boyfriend wan comeback again ooooo!….incase una don forget ooo dis na  that her bobo wen dem two quarrel well well for that afor 2008 and na the bobo wen talk say the nyamanyama video wen him do wit Britney  say him go show am to the world ooo make dem see as Britney Channel O be!……….una sabi say she just break up with David Lucado the woman wrapper!