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Arrow, better date time with python

You might have already seen the time format showing “posted just now” or “last seen 12 days ago” etc. Well its not only java-script every-time. You can do it with python also. 215 more words

Custom CLRType to SqlDbType Mapping

Right now I’m working on implementing our own ‘LocalDate’ object because the built in ‘DateTime’  is causing several issues for us – it has a time component, Mongo DB automatically converts it to Utc when you save. 581 more words


CRM TimeZone issue using JavaScript

Problem: When we try to save a datetime field from an HTML TextBox (date-picker)  to CRM using oData in JavaScript, the datetime is always saved incorrectly. 358 more words


[manjaro] show date / time on the taskbar

Ubuntu has a top panel where you can see the date / time. I prefer the 24h system (North American am / pm makes me sick), I want to see the day of the week, and I also want to see the date. 53 more words


WebFOCUS – Displaying Datetime

We all know that using &TOD and HGETC function one can easily display the current datetime in the report output.

But note that by default above 2 will display only session start time. 70 more words


C#: Get Current Month Name and Short Name

We had a requirement to get the current month name and its short name (example- November|Nov). While DateTime class does not provide these methods out of .net framework, we had to create methods which gives the similar output. 184 more words


Accurate time using JavaScript when Client and Server not have correct time

What if we want the accurate time when the client and server time are not accurate? The only workaround that I could find was json-time… 1,201 more words