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Convert .NET Date/Time Formats for JavaScript UI Controls

I recently had a project where I was using ASP.NET and C# to build an application that made use of JQuery Datepicker as well as a third-party… 298 more words


How to change the timezone on a Ubuntu server

A very simple and quick fix to a rather annoying (especially when searching log files!) issue, is changing the server timezone.

To check your the current date and time on your server, simply run: 39 more words




A typical problem I face is redundant code across projects. Whenever I see this happening I try to come up with a solution to… 273 more words


Pure CSS Clock

This is a analogue clock implemented purely using CSS & HTML.

Please visit full source code here

Alternate version (much simpler to understand).

I have my own implementation of another CSS clock different from the one linked above. 463 more words


Mock Current Date and Time in SQL Server

Occasionally, if you’re especially lucky, you’ll get into a situation where you have SQL procedures and functions that are so complicated that they require unit tests all of their own. 720 more words

Unit Testing

DateTime.Now: Is it? Really?

It’s one of these times we come to know whatever we knew was nothing.

The dialogue looks familiar. Isn’t it – Déjà vu? Yeah! I know it’s not exact, but somewhat we heard in Matrix.

671 more words

#Azure Storage Tables - DateTime.MinValue is not supported

#Azure Storage Tables – DateTime.MinValue is not Within the Supported DateTime Range

Azure Table Storage is a NoSQL storage key/value based part of Microsoft Azure Storage services. 270 more words

Microsoft Azure