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Date Time field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The major pain for MS Dynamics CRM developers is to work with the DateTime field in CRM. MSD CRM doesn’t have a only Date field. This may not look as an issue when I say that CRM don’t have only date field, but due to the nature how CRM handles these DataTime fields, it becomes a challenge for CRM developers to work with it. 299 more words


Maximum and Minimum values that DATETIME data type can store…

Maximum value:
9999-12-31 23:59:59.997

Minimum value:
1753-01-01 00:00:00.000

Yes, I am referring to SQL Server 



Pluralsight - Date and Time Fundamentals

I’m happy to announce that the video course I’ve been working on for Pluralsight, “Date and Time Fundamentals” has finally been released!

Here’s one of my favorite slides: 95 more words


Date and Time Data Types in SQL Server

TIME Data Type

This data type hold hours, minutes, seconds and nano seconds. The TIME data type is very low in storage size (between 3-5 bytes). 193 more words

Data Type

Seattle Code Camp

I’ll be speaking this Saturday at Seattle Code Camp about several issues that time zones can create in your applications.  If you are near the Puget Sound area, please come out and see… 36 more words


DateTime issue in WCF service call


Sometimes we face problem in working date time timezones with wcf service calls.

e.g. in my situation I have code that passes date into WCF via JSON object.  185 more words

DateTime Formats in .NET

There’s a lot of applications which require dates to either be displayed to the user in a readable format, or used in SQL queries.

Using the .NET DateTime.to… and DateTime.ToString() functions, you can generate any format imaginable. 103 more words