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Convert the other timezone to local timezone using CodeIgniter

Hi Friends,

Use below coding for convert the other timezone to local timezone using CodeIgniter

Step 1:

Get the localhost timezone Date and Time

    $date = new DateTime();
    echo $date->format('Y-m-d H:i:s'); 63 more words

Handling Birthdays, and Other Anniversaries

How old are you? Simple question, yes? Perhaps. But the answer could change depending on the granularity of the question, and on your perspective.

To answer “how many… 727 more words


How to convert or cast date in SQL Select command using SQL codes

QUERY:SELECT CONVERT(Datatype(length), <DateColumnName>,<Code>) AS DATETIMETYPE FROM <Table Name>

Other syntax for date example : 8, January 2014
1. CONVERT(VARCHAR, <DateColumnName>, 100) –(Jan 8 2014 12:57PM) 124 more words


Precise and Accurate Datetime difference in Javascript

i have 2 DATETIME variable : “start” and “end”

to calculate the difference between them precisely:

  • var evLong=end.getTime()-start.getTime();

then you can add that to another DATETIME variable. 7 more words

datetime from php to javascript variable

i’ve found some problem on passing php datetime to javascript variable: javascript automatically change the UNIX timestamp from php. Javascript gives hours addition corresponding with my TIMEZONE… 138 more words

SSIS - Connection Manager - Dynamic Connection string - Connection String with date and time

This Blog explains how to dynamically generate Connection string!

I had a requirement to push the data to a file in specific folder but the file name should contain Date and Time. 174 more words