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Dating. Or interviewing?

So, if this all does come crashing down around me as I believe it is destined to do, and I have to go out there and *gag* *cough* …date, I imagine it to be more like an interview process for husband. 7 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Back in the Saddle Again

I have been in a bit of a depression spiral this week. Patrick and I had a texting argument based more on texting miscommunication than anything else. 1,352 more words

Love is Complicated. It's Always Complicated.

I’m pretty sure there aren’t terribly many love stories that go like this:

They met and fell in love at first sight and never had to work at their relationship and lived happily ever after.  1,826 more words

2nd Quarter

Easily Bored -

Some people tend to require a whole lot of work and I’m not sure I’m the right person for the job.  I’m trying to figure out is it just me .. 667 more words

The Dating Scene


So I don’t want to run to my mom or my bestie…but this just popped up in conversation with the kiddos since they’ve been back with me this week after a week with their dad… 408 more words



So, the whole D thing has been on my mind. It’s been the first time since the split that I’ve let myself get so emotionally attached to someone.   368 more words

Dumped by D

Dumped is a strong word for it because we weren’t exclusive or whatever. I like alliteration though. Alliteration makes me happy. I want to be happy right now. 73 more words