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5 Truths You Have to Accept Before Your Second Marriage

Your Baggage is Your Problem

It’s always nice when someone offers to carry our bags for us. There’s a relief that comes from shifting that burden; a sense of freedom when the weight is lifted. 284 more words


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Issue about dating

People are fake at the beginning of relationships because they want to win you over. When they do, they go back to their normal life & I’m left wondering, where is this awesome person who wanted to spend time with me? 47 more words

Preview of an Upcoming Taking on the Assholes.

I’m still trying to choose which curse words are most appropriate for a response to this article… As soon as I do this will be republished as the Next Taking on the Assholes. 596 more words


How to Meet Men

My friends tease me incessantly about my “knack” for having no trouble finding a date. I would like to put a caveat in with that though. 787 more words


Sweet dream. Beautiful night mare. Day dreaming,

6:34 am on a Sunday. He’s so intrusive. He shows up in my dreams at least once a week. I don’t want to like. I don’t want to love. 429 more words


man love

Yeah, I don’t know why exactly, but yesterday was terrible.

I went to Divorce Care Sunday evening as usual and for the first time, I talked to the group about how I was feeling the day I chose to get the hell out of there forever. 486 more words

Personal Pain

The Cost of Sex

This is a sequel of sorts. My last post stretched a wide canvas over much of my nearly thirty-seven year struggle with self-worth, but not quite all. 1,398 more words

Self-Worth And How God Sees You