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OKCupid Massive Fail

This isn’t a good sign, ever.

I got this a couple of times when I was playing on OKCupid in small towns. It happened more than once, and it made me very happy I live in a big city. 6 more words


Lesson Learned

I am a true believer that the universe conspires on your behalf to bring you to a time, place, or person in order to teach you a necessary lesson for your life. 812 more words

Bad Date

Yet more dating fails (and one lovely opening message)

I’m down to less than 70 emails in my work inbox, so I figure it’s time to go back to blog stuff. There are no work crises for me to attend to and for crying out loud, I’m working all weekend. 281 more words


It's not me, it's you

Today I tell the story of ScreenDoor. I met ScreenDoor online. He had an impressive profile. He was nerdily handsome (which you may have gathered by this point is sort of my type). 1,352 more words


Why Match.com obviously hated my guts

I saved these screenshots a long time ago but was clearing out some stuff on my computer tonight – okay, to be honest I was making sure I didn’t have any cock shots or naked selfies in my “2014 Photos” folder on my computer. 459 more words


Long Island Mortification

I ran in to him at the bar.
I ran in to him at the gym.
I ran in to him at the Japanese restaurant where they grill food and light things on fire and say lame racist jokes all right in front of you. 429 more words