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Why Match.com obviously hated my guts

I saved these screenshots a long time ago but was clearing out some stuff on my computer tonight – okay, to be honest I was making sure I didn’t have any cock shots or naked selfies in my “2014 Photos” folder on my computer. 459 more words


Long Island Mortification

I ran in to him at the bar.
I ran in to him at the gym.
I ran in to him at the Japanese restaurant where they grill food and light things on fire and say lame racist jokes all right in front of you. 429 more words


The douche came back, the very next day, we thought he was a goner but...

If you know the song “the cat came back”, you can sing along.

It was suggested in the comments of the How to test if a man is a total douchebag… 239 more words


How to Test if a Man is a TOTAL douchebag (my post-surgery booty call)

While my blog is definitely not focussed on medical anecdotes, getting my Fallopian tubes removed is certainly something that feels like a big deal to me.   396 more words


50 Dates in 50 States Guest Blog | Real Dating Advice

I was humbled and honoured a couple of months ago when Amy, a writer whose blog I love, 50 Dates in 50 States, asked me if I would write a guest post for her.   162 more words


How To Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds Part II

The other night, someone told me about Thrinder, a Tinder like app that sets up threesomes. Besides throwing up in my mouth when she explained how you can meet someone based on similar fetishes, as if feet didn’t freak me out enough, you also have the choice of finding matches as a single person or a couple.  86 more words


#52 Came Back | or A sex miracle! I'm not tempted!

Here is something sad but true…I don’t say no all that often. I help friends even when I don’t have time, I take on more responsibility at work, mentor more people, and don’t turn down another drunk. 485 more words