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50 Dates in 50 States Guest Blog | Real Dating Advice

I was humbled and honoured a couple of months ago when Amy, a writer whose blog I love, 50 Dates in 50 States, asked me if I would write a guest post for her.   162 more words


How To Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds Part II

The other night, someone told me about Thrinder, a Tinder like app that sets up threesomes. Besides throwing up in my mouth when she explained how you can meet someone based on similar fetishes, as if feet didn’t freak me out enough, you also have the choice of finding matches as a single person or a couple.  86 more words


#52 Came Back | or A sex miracle! I'm not tempted!

Here is something sad but true…I don’t say no all that often. I help friends even when I don’t have time, I take on more responsibility at work, mentor more people, and don’t turn down another drunk. 485 more words


Burnt out light bulb

About a week ago I did a post saying how infatuated I was.

Today. I’m sitting here alone in my house, fresh after a bout of some solo fun, and can tell you that I’m not. 476 more words

Just Because

This Guys Mass Text of 32 Tinder Matches Is Exactly Why I Don't Give Randos My Phone Number

The mass textual content is usually a lovely factor for planning or updating all of your shut associates about large information directly. It may also be a serious catastrophe, as one not-so-element-oriented Tinder Romeo discovered. 353 more words


The harshness of women

Men know that women talk. But the harshness of the conversations I have with my friends still surprises me at times. Especially via text, when the summary of a date or of sex is to the point and brutal in its honesty. 88 more words


The sounds-nice-but-actually-dickish way to bail a second time

I referred to this guy in my Guys I’ve Slept With (Part 3) post – he was my first date after separating from my ex-husband. 453 more words