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Adventures in dating, take one.

I’ve been doing okcupid for about a week now I guess, and several guys have messaged me. According to the site, 91 like me, but I… 582 more words

Lothlorien leaf

ok, im curious. what does the green pendant mean? i googled it but no luck.


You are a very interesting woman, but I am not sure about your green pendant. 264 more words

Can't even ignore him

My friend Katharine wanted me to take a look at a guy who has reached out to her on a dating site.  My profile is still down.  253 more words


loser #2

hmmm well you sound terrific…but I have been fooled before on here!

weirdo #2

Step by Step, and Day by Day, WE Put One Foot In Front Of The Other and Move Forward. NOW, WE are Further Away From Our Past, and One Step Closer To Our Future. U and me lmk

the psycho

Scorpio. gun in mouth, “I’M OUT.” ahahahahaha

strong sign. i wish it was always personified as an eagle. not that i’m patriotic, i just like birds better than scorpions. 20 more words

Another great search term

Looking at the search terms that get people to my blog is pretty humorous…today, this one stood out:

if you havebeen talking to this guy and he like phonesex and you send a sexy picture and he havent call should you call him… 109 more words