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Dear Dudes,

Oh, you blissful idiots. You read my okcupid profile (MissMegativity if you are curious), and you then send me a message like

“I want u” 560 more words

Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

10 Best First Date Questions (or why I don’t get 2nd dates)

1. What is your biggest regret in life?

The things that people regret say a lot about them. 509 more words


Mr. Jackpot

Another winner from the great state of Texas! This winner was sent in from “Triple –E” in Dallas.

And we’re off with these three messages from Mr. 529 more words


Mr. (Not) OK

Today’s douche-bag entry comes from SnarkyLady in Tx (that moniker will become apparent later). Transcript below.

    Mr. OK: “ZOMG!!!1 I love older women!”

Mr. Bold! (More like Mr. Fucking Lame!)

Entry #2 into the douche-bag chronicles sent in by Ms. F, an acquaintance in Co.

This is one BOLD fucking douche-bag.

“I’d love to worship your gorgeous body…treat you like a goddess ..trail kisses up your calves…all the way up to your milky thighs….linger there till I can feel the heat between your legs…” 466 more words


Mr. Fucking Wonderful!

Here it is, the first installment of the douchebag/diva chronicles.  This comes from my good friend in TX. She’s an amazing lady: brilliant, smart, and as wickedly sarcastically funny as it comes. 547 more words


Well that was a mistake...

I was pretty upset after the guy who disappeared, disappeared (if I can’t use numbers to describe these dates, I’ll have to be creative in my descriptions), I signed up for an online dating course. 465 more words