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Invalidation and Disease

As humans we have a basic need to be validated and feel that we matter and that we are important to the people who matter to us. 221 more words

Love And Relationships

Sometimes There Are Eureka Moments

I am a bit brokenhearted and my ego is a little bruised. Typically this gets me thinking and I suddenly get the urge to write.  I will save the reason for my broken heart for a later time.  550 more words


How Soon is Too Soon?

Timing is a personal issue, most especially when it comes to life choices such as getting married… There are people who know immediately that they are with the right person already and there are people who take their sweet time and there is no right or wrong as long as the person is of age and lucid with decision making and not under the grip of mental obscurations. 417 more words

Personal Musings