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The following is based solely on my personal opinion and personal experience within the lesbian community…

If you’re a lesbian and dating, you may be familiar with the passive lesbian. 119 more words


Of Fries And Never Lower Your Standards

Today I threw away a box of French fries. No, not an empty box. A box-full of uneaten French fries. Yup, that box is now in the trash can. 363 more words


13 Ways A Guy Can Love A Girl Who Loves Books

1. Take her to a bookstore. Any bookstore. It doesn’t matter. Big bookstores are good – big bookstores with escalators and expansive rows of books and sections to devour. 546 more words

To The Girl Who Thinks She Has To Settle


You are always enough for the man that’s meant to love you. You won’t have to put on makeup in fear that you might not be beautiful because with the right man you’ll never have to worry. 341 more words

The Various Ways Girls Deal With Heartbreak

So you’ve just been dumped. Whatever reason your significant other gives you, whether it be the cliché, “It’s not you; it’s me,” or the more forward approach, “Never talk to me again,” girls usually have a routine break up remedy to mend their broken hearts, or at least temporarily patch them up. 632 more words