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How Nick From The Bachelorette Makes Men Look Bad (SPOILER ALERT)

Regardless of whether or not you watch the hit ABC show, The Bachelorette, it can be recognized that watching fast paced relationships with multiple strangers all living in one house unfold, can be…”educational” so to speak. 458 more words


Snowboarders on Tinder

I’m petrified of Tinder. I constantly have this same conversation with a friend of mine who uses, and actually has success, with the app. Though my chances of getting kidnapped and hidden away in someone’s basement are probably relatively slim to begin with, I’ve considered re-thinking my whole Anti-Tinder campaign due to one of YoBeat’s recent posts. 53 more words

My Boyfriend Checklist: 10 Things The Next Guy Has To Have

I’ve been asked plenty of times by my girlfriends what I look for in my “dream man” but I never really had an answer due to my knowledge of failed expectations in my past. 721 more words

Online Dating Do's and Do-Nevers: Part 1

It’s nice to imagine that you might be an expert at something. Even if that something is as obscure as American Girl Doll Blogs. However, no matter how “expert” you may fancy yourself, there is bound to be someone who is even more fluent in the American Girl Doll Blog world. 2,089 more words


i love you.

He said those words to me last night. I couldn’t be happier right now, and to tell you the truth, it scares me how strong of a hold he has on me. 394 more words


What Happens To The Friend With Benefits Who Doesn't Fall

I wish I had kissed you more.  I always wish that the morning after.  I wish I’d kissed your collarbones for longer because it made you sigh, and I wish I traced my finger around the edges of the new tattoo on your back.  381 more words

I Used To Be The Girl Who Would Turn Her Life Upside Down For A Guy

Ex’s suck. Ex’s you still care about suck more. I know, I have been there. I was the girl who would turn her life upside down for some guy who didn’t give a crap about me. 1,541 more words