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Dating? I'm not really good at that game.

The game of dating, we have all been there! Whether it’s meeting someone of the opposite sex in a bar, blinddate, or online dating. It’s never fun for me, at least not anymore. 1,216 more words

Boys Not Men

what women want (5 irresistible qualities)

A friend of mine always says; “Any guy can get any girl – no matter how beautiful or out of his league she may seem”. This friend of mine has become semi-famous in my home-town as the guy who got the girl of his dreams (they are now happily married and are truly a remarkable couple), and has coached several other guys on how to do the same. 769 more words


Is This Real Life?

I have recently been asking that question to myself, because life has been really, really good, to say the least. Those moments where it seems like (almost) everything is going your way. 399 more words

My Life


1. Where should I meet him?

Meet in public places, such as a restaurant, Cafe, library or during the day in a park. Don’t meet at your house, don’t give out your address. 1,434 more words

Dating & Relationships

Finger It Out

Relationships sure do suck sometimes, huh?

They can just be so…hard.

But hey, we’re only human. We fuck up. A lot. Sometimes we just need a little help… 511 more words


Does it matter who you love?

Billy Preston’s powerful words, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with, swim across my thoughts and I’m wondering if it matters who we love. 366 more words