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Can We Please Admit That Being Single Sucks Sometimes?

Being single sucks sometimes. Sorry, it’s true. I know I’m betraying the “single and happy” club I’m a member of, but truth is more important than anything so let’s always promise to try for it. 807 more words

5 Ways To Know You're Acting Like A Beta Bitch Boy

In the course of you becoming a playboy, you may find yourself slipping back into the quicksand of being a beta bitch boy. This is dangerous territory, but thankfully I’m presenting you with a check-list of sorts to put yourself back in check. 10 more words

feeling good.

We FaceTimed and it was my first time seeing him since I moved. It was so great to see him and hear his voice. I couldn’t help but noticed he looked a little sad and he said he really misses me and hates that I’m so far away from him. 355 more words




We are women and we can be difficult. The following is a list of problems that lesbians are faced with…

First World Lesbian Problems: 53 more words


Best Casual Country Rustic Wedding Tips

Best Casual Country Rustic Wedding Tips

When my fiancé and I got engaged last year, we knew exactly what kind of wedding we wanted. We called it “Casual Country Rustic” but what did that mean exactly? 373 more words

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Why I'll Never Learn How To Be The One Who Cares Less

I’ve always heard the one who cares more in a relationship has less power and the one who cares less always wins. Maybe this is true but I think while it’s easy to not give a shit it’s even easier to love someone. 318 more words

5 Things A Real Man Finds Irresistible

I came across an article last night that was supposed to be about what men find irresistible in a woman. Intrigued, I started to read the article out loud to my fiancé. 632 more words

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