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21 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Wears A Jean Jacket

1. Denim was invented by man (Levi Strauss) and perfected by woman (Gloria Vanderbilt).

2. The way her hair falls across the collar.

3. She could be the next Raquel Welch. 352 more words

“He Placed The Knife Next To My Throat”: Restraining Order Docs Detail Scary Fight Between Columbus Short And Wife

We told you yesterday that Columbus Short’s wife, Tuere, filed for divorce from him again early this week, and also filed a restraining order against him after a scary attack at the couple’s LA home on April 7. 727 more words

Dating & Relationships

Are We Good?

“Are we good?” I asked as she turned to leave. What a stupid thing to say. Dumb guys in ill-fitting suits say that to their departmental subordinates when they should probably apologize for something. 337 more words

Never say never again

Never say never.

I used to hear that a lot from someone who used to be in my life. The line was used to dangle possibilities that would never become realities. 969 more words


Clip: "10 Things Women Expect Men To Know How To Do"

For better or worse, there are certain things many women expect men to know how to do. I wrote about those things for Made Man

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Sleeping Habits Affect Your Relationship

One of the big steps in a relationship is when you begin sleeping with your partner several times of week. I’m not talking about sex, I’m talking about regular, good old fashioned slumber parties! 432 more words

Dating & Relationships

Of Fries And Let's Be Honest Here

If you love fries the way I do, you’ll understand that when looking through a menu and choosing what to order, there is a 98.2 percent chance that I would choose the meal that comes with fries. 301 more words