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I had another dream about Andy last night. It’s like, when I think I’m okay with things, I think I’m managing to move on in stride, then comes another dream, out of the blue and shaking me to my core. 479 more words


Text Manners, Who Has Them?

It is bad enough in today’s dating society that guys can’t even pick up the phone and choose to text instead. What is worse is their texting etiquette. 122 more words


R E S P E C T......

Happy Sunday. I have learned that demanding respect for myself in my dating life is critical. Of course, the best way to learn is the hard way. 385 more words

Mommy Issues

Yes, guys can have mommy issues at any age.

I was chatting with a guy on the phone and overall it was a pleasant conversation. He worked for a small town newspaper and did graphic design on the side. 283 more words


The Never-Ending Date

Last year I binge-watched Downton Abbey, which I think is a wonderful show, that really draws you in to the characters. I caught up and was ready for the new season, which was airing on a Sunday. 183 more words


The Rebound Mouth-Rape

So it’s been about a month on the crazy up and down roller-coaster that happens to be my love life and mentality in general, and as of… 2,248 more words


To Be or Not To Be... Friends with Benefits

That IS the question…

I’m not sure if Shakespeare would roll over in his grave at the thought, but I think it IS a rather good question to ask. 693 more words

Dating Stories