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Did you know that...

WHINING and COMPLAINING are unattractive qualities?

Most people would say yes, but this guy sure didn’t get that memo.

He was in IT and every other message had to do with Comcast. 300 more words

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Passionate About Wine

I had seen him in that bar a few times before: broad-shouldered, with glasses framing his square face and always with a suit jacket. As many times as I saw him, he was holding a glass of red wine in his hand, inhaling the aroma and examining the colour. 1,043 more words


"I have a friend for you"...More Tales From a Boy Addict

So those of you who are single ABSOLUTELY KNOW  the phrase “I have a friend for you”.  Heck, even if you are married, you most certainly remember this phrase when you were in your younger “single days”.  402 more words

Dating Again After SIX years!

It has been SIX years since I’ve been on a date. I was nineteen when I went on my last date and I’ve never dated in my twenties. 595 more words


My First Sober First Date

Yesterday I had my first, first sober date, in 5 years. No drinking, no drugs, 6 just glasses of water. 357 more words



Every guy I have ever dated, even in the slightest, has a nick name. I think this is something I learned from my mom… 453 more words



This is a bit weird! I was single for almost four years, and naturally used to being selfish.

With my new status, I have to communicate more openly, practice full disclosure, be fully available, and cater to his wants/needs. 111 more words