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Defining Moments

I am hiking behind my boyfriend of six months through a forest of leafless trees on an early spring day in 1989.  We are backpacking somewhere in West Virginia with two other couples and have taken an off-trail short cut, bushwhacking through young trees with bendy switch-like branches. 413 more words

Advice For The Mid-life Dater



 So, I seem to have come to a point in my life where I’m ok with knowingly making absolutely terrible decisions.

I’m not just talking about eating that fifth mini crème egg, this Easter I met up with Nicholas again for a night out as he was back in town.  298 more words

Four Months Single and This is Where I'm at

So I’ll give you a quick run down and how I got to here. 

I was with my last boyfriend Harry for about a year and a half, we broke up in January after a very messy but passionate relationship. 58 more words

No photo, no date...

Happy Sunday…I did a 20 miler yesterday and have a sore hip (in preparation for my NJ full marathon in 2 weeks) so I decided to keep today’s blog very brief and to the point. 195 more words

Man Addiction

Mr. Creepy and Bait & Switch - My experiences with eHarmony

As I mentioned previously, I recently joined eHarmony. I decided that it was time to go after a higher caliber of person, someone who was also looking for love as opposed to a roll in the hay (which is all well and good, but not what I’m going for long-term). 976 more words


The Zoosk experiment

Blog #6

I was going to leave this one out but I’ll post it.

I spent a little bit of time on Zoosk, which cuts it too closely to a free “garbage dump” dating site to be really taken seriously.  320 more words


History definitely repeats itself

As I explored previously in Need to break the pattern , my relationship with Jay was following the same pattern as the one I had with the fireman. 45 more words