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How to Tell if You're Dating a DOUCHEBAG

Well one thing is for sure if you have been following me on my journey, I have horrible dating skills and have no idea how to pick a decent man. 1,863 more words


These emails just never get old.

About a year ago there was a 33 year old guy from Plantation, in computers (professionally), who I was emailing with on Match. He texted me but would never initiate the call. 299 more words

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100 first dates...

One of the great (or terrible, depending on how you look at it) thing about Online Dating, is the ability to meet many different personalities and people from different walks of life. 1,116 more words

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Waiting for the "perfect" man...

Happy Sunday!  I am writing on Saturday as I will be running my 4th and final marathon of the season this Sunday in Philadelphia.  I am proud to say that for my “four full for fall” I have raised over $1500 (and climbing) for the Midnight Run, a NY not-for-profit offering resources for homeless persons.  421 more words

Like a Schoolgirl

It was a warm summer evening with pleasant breeze from an open window ruffling the curtain. I was running late for a meeting with my friend. 1,006 more words


A Night with a Superhero

One night I received a message from a guy on a dating site. I was hesitant to reply since we were miles away, but his profile photo portraying his muscular torso from the back looked quite tempting, so I ended up sending a mere “Hi”. 1,501 more words


How the Hell Do You Get Out of a Bad Date...Nicely?

always worry when the texting is too good before a first date. It’s almost like some sort of cruel trick from the universe—if you’re really, really connecting with someone via emojis and clever answers to the most basic of questions, the chemistry almost never translates in person. 132 more words