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Beware of the divorced boy...

Happy Sunday. I’m laughing to myself this morning, thinking “I am warning women about so many boys that there is going to be no one left to date”. 403 more words

So here's what happened...

When I disappeared, I kind of left on an ambiguous note. Jay had messaged me, I’d said we would talk, I had a couple of (horrid) dates before our big conversation, and then… that’s where I left you. 758 more words


Currently Separated. Is that a DO or a DON'T?

I find it so odd that online dating sites give you an option for your status to be “Currently Separated.”

On one hand, you think a person should be divorced before dating. 510 more words

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Wait, did we just fight over a light?

Confession- I’ve been seeing this man, Jack for several weeks now. Really, like a month. He’s great, he’s fun. But the dude can kinda act like a… 84 more words

Young Adult

He Wants to Pursue Me

We met online almost a year ago. My first thoughts centered on the hyperpigmentation on his cheekbones, his short neck, and tiny, pursed lips. His head and shoulders seemed to meet with not even a couple of inches in between. 813 more words


How much internet research should you do before a date?

Do you google a guy before a date?

Some people feel the need to internet stalk a person before going on a date.

I think internet research is ok, within reason. 493 more words

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Is there really a "one"?

Happy Sunday. I often contemplate this idea of “the one”. Much dating literature addresses this topic too. The question is both deep and superficial. Let me touch on both. 282 more words