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Friendship first....

Happy Sunday. I am happy to report I had the most amazing time at my 25th HS reunion last night. Yes, I went alone. And YES! 454 more words

Can We Be Friends?

  I had another lovely fix up date, this one courtesy of my very awesome friend who is also a writer. She introduced us via Facebook, we talked for a bit and agreed to meet on a patio for lunch. 319 more words


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I had the same experience on a first date last night. We had great conversation, everything on paper seemed totally fine, and talked for a couple of hours...But..."it" was just missing. I'm sure he felt the same, especially when I didn't rush to return his "Thanks for meeting up with me," text later that night. Sigh...

My Blog, Improving the Dating World One Person at a Time.

A college buddy of mine called me for some advice. He is 35, successful, has a great job, and is dating to find a girl to settle down with. 632 more words


A shagadelic Casanova...

Ever met one of ‘em Casanovas? The ones that are shag-a-delicious? Utterly irresistible? Yesterday myself and my best friend were talking about memories from our years of travels. 1,306 more words


After another unsuccessful fix up and no new potential set ups in sight I was starting to feel a bit defeated. Maybe this was a stupid idea, maybe I should just give up on dating and focus on my career and learning spanish I slumped on the coach in a defeated pile and turned on the tv…. 464 more words


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We live in a NOW Generation, but when did people stop telling time?

I have increasingly noticed on dates that guys often will show up 5-15 minutes late. I try to arrive right on time and sure, I might have arrived 2-3 minutes late on a date or two. 441 more words


Family counts when you are single...

Greetings from Illinois and Wisconsin and a terrific family vacation! I have been spending quality time this past week with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. We have dined in a Chicago German pub, set sail on a gorgeous lake, seen eagles flying, and thanks to my cousin’s POWERCHICK wife, even flipped over a wave runner. 194 more words