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My Online Shenanigans

It has been a while since I updated you on my online dating escapades. And man, has it been interesting and really weird. So, there I am drooling over wonderful pictures of hot boys, minding my own business when someone decides to send me a message. 517 more words


Only Men Are Supposed To Eat Large Amounts of Food


• A man can eat seconds on a date and be perceived as healthy, with a good appetite.

• A woman can’t eat seconds. 137 more words

paralyzed by perfection

No one is perfect. You know it. I know it. But for whatever reason, when we first start dating someone, we try to pretend like we are. 424 more words


Being unapologetic and the end of an almost relationship.

With my ex-boyfriend, whose name I feel uncomfortable uttering on the internet now that he is no longer mine, I prefaced everything. When I woke up on the morning of an awful day, I apologized for being upset, for crying, for being unable to face a day, for not calling enough, for not saying “I love you”, for being quiet. 272 more words


Can Sex Cause Memory Loss?

A reader asked: A close girlfriend shared that after a particularly intense orgasm, she temporarily lost her memory. Can this happen?

Granny’s advice: Yes! According to a Mayo Clinic article on the Internet, a sudden temporary memory loss is called… 110 more words


Looks don't matter, except for girls

Last night, I was watching Hitch (that early-2000s Will Smith classic) with my mom and my brother. The B plot centers around this couple:

He seduces her by taking control of a situation, standing up for her rights in a boardroom. 473 more words

Flipped Switch: The Moment You Start to Care

Here is the most troubling part about dating: the moment you start to care. The moment you start to care about this other person. The moment you start to care about this person, who, for the majority of your life, was a complete stranger. 397 more words