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The Do's & Don'ts Of Taking Him Back

I used to see these situations as completely black-and-white: If a guy cheats (and, yes, I count sexual emails as cheating—do you?), it’s over. But the older I get, the more I realize that relationships are complicated. 58 more words

The Quiet Storm With Kym Sellers

Hard Truths About Dating Someone From Another Religion

1. Your parents may be more (or less) okay with it than you think. When I mentioned I was seriously dating a Jew, my father was skeptical and chose to dance around the issue, making his opinion known through silence that eventually turned into reluctant acceptance. 264 more words

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PopChat.com, a Free Video Chat and Webcam Chat Service, Released an Article About the Online Dating Industry Growth and the Role of Free Cam Chat

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 02, 2012
PopChat.com, a free cam chat service recently launched by a popular free video chat site Stargazer Video Chat, released a new article about the online dating industry growth and a role of free video chat. 8 more words

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Once Upon A Time....

When it comes to trying to balance life, it’s always difficult with so much going on. From work, school, friends, family to lovers, a girl must balance everything in her life to find what’s important in her life. 234 more words

Online Dating: Take II

I have another date tomorrow night with my online almost lover. Which has my anxiety so ripe and thru the roof I’m starting the pre-game drinking right now. 140 more words

Dear Dating:

Please consider this as my official resignation. I am no longer interested in being involved with your organization. I am tired of being the girl that has something that a complete stranger has to decide if he’s equipped to “deal with” when I didn’t ask to be born with it. 330 more words


A New Condom That Has The Potential To Kill?

The soon-to-be-released condom contains .5 percent astodrimer sodium, which is a non-antibiotic, antimicrobial drug that has been shown to help protect against HIV transmission while also reducing the risk of contracting other STDs (lab studies found it to decimate about 99.9 percent of HIV, herpes, and HPV viruses). Big deal, right?  Read More

The Quiet Storm With Kym Sellers