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Catherine the ball is in your court

I was on OkCupid a couple of weeks ago and came across this profile of this wonderful woman named Catherine. As we messaged one another, I came to the conclusion that she was smart and funny. 383 more words


"Asshole" Button Needed

I’ve been in a dating slump, or should I say an enormously immense dating slump. This summer, I went on ONE date. Yes, you read that right, ONE date. 243 more words

I don't want a relationship... I just want to have sex with you

A flaw that many of us women have is… trying to understand the male mind. We fail and we fail miserably. It’s even worse when we take advice from our girlfriends. 683 more words


Water Your Relationship.

We all know gardens need water to not only grow but flourish.  They also need to be weeded and soaked in sunlight.  The one thing it ultimately needs is…time. 552 more words


Men can smell competition

I hate to stereotype, but men are not always the most perceptive. They do, however, seem to have a 6th sense about competition. As soon as I started replying to other men online and decided I should be going on other dates, Bones sent me an adorable text message. 82 more words



Tu sais que c’est la (ta )rentrée quand une pluie de 06 s’abattent sur toi par surprise sans que tu les aies demandés.

Ca a commencé par des contacts instagram qui me parlent via instagram direct (l’équivalent de snapchat) en m’envoyant des photos de ce qu’ils mangent (pour flatter la fille healthy qui est en moi) et finir par me proposer des conseils personnalisés en nutrition via leur portable. 308 more words