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Can anyone define dating anymore?


 Welcome to 2014 were bae (before anyone/anything else) is used as a term of endearment, really what is the world coming too? The modern dating world is not what it used to be and will never be the same as it was  and with that statement let me just say I am scared. 572 more words


Online Attention

I have never lacked for male attention. Granted, it isn’t always the attention I want. Here is a random man (unable to use full sentences and punctuation) who apparently found me on Facebook. 189 more words


After yet another person that I know, got into a serious relationship with the person they met through Tinder, I decided that I needed to stop fighting the idea of signing up and take the plunge. 638 more words

Blogging 101

Men dont fear committment

Many women accuse men of being committment phobic. They probably arrive at this conclusion after one or more experiences of dating men who dont commit to them. 246 more words


Signs that show that she has fallen in love with you

  1. She gives you attention just like a mother toward her child
    It is natural that every woman has motherly affection. Therefore, when she falls in love, this kind of maternal behavior will arise unconsciously.
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Once Had A Love…

Modern technology is marvellous, for the most trivial of reasons. You can poke about in the rockpools of your past to your heart’s content. You can search the fates of former acquaintances, no matter how important or trivial they were to you. 504 more words


Girl Talk: Is he that into you?

Before being married, I was on the dating scene and in between my serious relationships I had my fair share of dates. And no, I do not mean sleeping with men. 874 more words