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Oh here come another complaint post. I was gonna do a nice optimistic one the other day but I was tired so whatever. 

Someone who lives right next door to me just got engaged. 595 more words

Confusion: Oh What a Wonderful Thing

Haha.  Not really.  Why am I confused, you are probably asking, well, let me explain.  No, there is too much, let me sum up, and that is going to be very long also and leave you with a lot more questions than answers, so maybe I should explain…  Maybe I should just get to the point already. 916 more words


Food on my face ?

Can I just take a small moment and say I am proud of myself b/c after getting dumped I haven’t gone for a rebound!? Sounds kinda sad when you say it out loud. 606 more words


Since you were all waiting rabidly to hear it, I finally watched the Community season 5 finale. Actually all kinds of meh, a poor end to a decent season. 395 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

All The Days Of The Week

I found myself approaching the second weekend in a row where Mr. Romantic and I had no plans. It seemed that he had been picking up all of the overtime that he could handle. 1,553 more words

Online Dating: Week 5

I was really beginning to lose interest in online dating. The first two weeks went great and then it just fizzled out. The pickings are just very slim for an educated woman in a small town. 322 more words