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So many things happening!

First off, my brother’s wedding is this Saturday. Since I’m not invited, I will be babysitting my nephew, BOY. That will probably be more fun anyway…….I think there will only be a couple of people from the family actually going. 1,304 more words


Ah, Greece, whatta country.

So, apparently during our Thursday night frolic, CGB (Cute Greek Boy) and I discussed cooking skills (and/or my lack thereof) and I must have mentioned that the one and only thing I can cook is a mean pasta sauce because he countered by claiming he makes the best Bolognese I’ll ever taste, and we decided to have a sauce-off. 766 more words

Growing In The Waiting.

Everyone loves a good love story. 

Story number one: 

When I was four, a little boy at my school found an adult’s wedding ring on the playground.

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Where the fuck is Kevin?

Since I was a young child, I have always thought everyone’s lives were predestined. I remember creating this theory when I was in elementary school that while living in our mother’s bellies, we dream our lives and then, when we’re born, we live our lives as best we can. 602 more words

When routine bites hard....

Summer time eh? I have had some exciting things happen. Feeling unchallenged as of late, basically since the cafe I was working at closed. There’s this air of change I can’t help but resist. 242 more words


Sigh: Men Think Women Who Listen to Them Are Sexier

Dusty Springfield was right all those years ago when she said the best way to a man’s heart was to “show him that you care.” A new study shows that men are more sexually attracted to “responsive” women who tend to their needs, but the same can’t be said about what attracts women to men. 176 more words

Relationship Disclaimer: They Take Work!

Relationships take work.  In case you didn’t already know.  In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes we can make in any relationship is coming to a certain point and ceasing to put in any more effort.   571 more words