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#74 Thinking ahead

I went back home. My Dad would soon start complaining. He didn’t like it when I slept outside of the house but made exception for my Aunt because he knew I was close to them. 927 more words

Chapter 4

Romance/Sex Scenes Hurt

Life has grown increasingly difficult for me in the past couple of months and it is all centered around my now year-old first, and I anticipate last, relationship (because we will be together forever). 910 more words


In retrospect I guess I can be a bit of a shit at times. C'mon, can you really stay mad at me?

So I guess a few things happened today. That’s always a nice thing, right? Well, not necessarily. I do feel that if things are happening, whether positive or negative, that’s always an exciting thing. 934 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

The rising of cougar dating

Cougar dating is an emerging trend.  A cougar is a woman of 40 years age who loves the company of young men.  Even a 35-year-old woman can be a… 486 more words


Baby, Oh, Baby!

Recently, I was studying my Bible – Genesis 29 to be exact – when I came across the story of Leah. To make a long story short, Leah’s father tricked Jacob into marrying Leah when Jacob was really in love with Leah’s younger sister, Rachel. 1,322 more words

Authentically Me



1) I am too embarrassed to even make eye contact in case my friend has told him I think he is hot. 50 more words

Thirty Something

Just Friends

Can you really be friends with someone you’ve once seen naked?

Okay, that’s a bad example. I’m friends with a lot of people I’ve seen naked. 296 more words