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Breaking the Ice

A post about unemployment was started, but the kibosh was put on it. There was nothing interesting about writing about applying for jobs, a couple writing and a couple digital marketing jobs. 744 more words


The girl he wants

I want a woman, no, I want a girl, a woman seems too mature. I don’t care how old she is, what color she is, how many crooked teeth she has or how much tension rises in the spring of the weighing machine she steps on. 609 more words


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I tend to not re-blog, but every once in a while something hits me in the gut. This certainly got my attention, because it was so left field, but also got me thinking if I could create the perfect partner, what would they be like? Where do these boys live because it sounds like he may be onto something? Or is he just on something? He can sure talk a good talk, but wonder if he could truly walk his walk? Thank you Blogging Bee for inspiring me on my next write :)

Superficial is as superficial does

This is something that really chaps my hide. This blog post on The Fickle Heartbeat is basically highlighting a double standard in superficiality when it comes to dating.   646 more words

First Love is Yet BitterSweet

I wish that I forget what we had, like we had nothing at all. I wish I would have never met you. Four years ago, I ended my relationship with this guy. 206 more words

Tinderella - Part III

Part I

Part II

Ella awoke the next morning with her first experience of a hangover, but fond memories of the night before. The jewellery box lay open on the floor in the exact spot the Magic Godmother had burst out of it. 1,492 more words



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So I arrived after 8 hours of traveling and was greeted by a man who looked just like his picture. Funny we had only been talking on the phone a week when I arrived. 343 more words