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Squeeze hard

Last night I was squeezed hard.

Last night I was held tight. Not just a regular hug. Not just a nice embrace. Not a hand on the back or resting on my shoulder. 574 more words

My so-called crazy life

I can’t even begin to describe this week. You know, sometimes we have weeks that are calm and smooth and everything goes as planned aaaand sometimes we don’t . 1,428 more words


The Kink Factor

‘Great sex’ can be a multitude of things, but too often we see having ‘great sex’ with someone as something erotic and kinky with whips and chains as opposed to sensual and moving. 622 more words


Tinder Surprise!

Ahhhh…Good old TINDER! Our generation’s way of attaining instant gratification and acceptance from the opposite sex. After spending countless hours on this app, I found myself wondering which guy on my list of matches was going to work up the courage to message me. 312 more words


Single-Girl Thoughts

As I’m sitting on my couch sick as a dog and flipping through Netflix, I couldn’t help but wonder why Netflix hasn’t doubled up as a dating service. 29 more words


Catch & Release

I met the textbook definition of a ‘perfect guy’. He was sweet, handsome, educated, and agreeable. The problem is, he was too agreeable and almost too perfect that I felt like I wasn’t being challenged. 40 more words


Good morning!

When a man calls you at 9:30 in the morning and asks you to breakfast because he didn’t want last night’s date to end, it’s time to get out of bed, take a quick shower, and get it together girl! ‪