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Embracing 28

Many of my friends know that I have been dreading turning 28 over the past year. Now that it’s finally happened, I’m starting to embrace this new age. 872 more words



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Sooo many lessons learned in the last few weeks…

1) Dating is hard at our age, but if we can remember that we’ve all been through some shit, it will help us to be more understanding and compassionate. 57 more words



There was that moment in the morning when it seemed the world stopped as if to let me know that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. 41 more words



I’ve tried. No. I’m trying.

To be compassionate and understanding…

To be sure to pay attention to what you need…

Except I forgot in the process to do that for me. 70 more words


2014, Year in Review

As I sit on my couch staring out the window, I’m trying to come to terms with how I managed to still be single after a busy year of dating. 1,078 more words


He's not all sugar, honey!

Ladies, don’t always assume the ‘nice guy’ is all sugar. I recently discovered that the textbook nice guy I was dating was a whole lot of nice that got nasty pretty quick when things didn’t go his way. 302 more words