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Datsik at Soundstage

What a great show. The bass was insane, the drops were heavy, and the crowd was wild. I literally carried an overly drunk girl out of the venue, called her a cab, and rushed back inside for more dancing. 76 more words


Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 1

Bear Grillz & Friends ate EDM, churned it up in their stomachs, let it pass through their bowels via peristalsis and subsequently shit out one of the best EPs of the summer. 100 more words

New Music

Playlist Of The Weekend: White Raver Rafting's Insane TomorrowWorld Playlist!

Damn. 10+ hours of music, dedicated to the festival that’s happening again here in the good old USA in just over 50 days. If you want to know what the kids are listening to, or if you just have hours and hours to kill with some of the biggest tracks of the season, White Raver Rafting has got you covered. 61 more words