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The Mother-in-Law—Naomi*

Guest Writer Clovis G Chappell

“And Ruth did according to all that her mother-in-law told her” (Ruth 3:6).

It is thoroughly refreshing to come upon this exquisite bit of literature called Ruth. 3,124 more words

Biblical Literature

Guest Post: The Daughter-in-Law Prenup

Today’s fantastic guest post comes from my friend and fellow blogger Donna – a journalist and proud mum of two boys at primary school. She maintains her sanity by unleashing her thoughts and feelings over at  1,011 more words


Ellie in Aotearoa

Conducting an interview with an English-speaking woman at an elevation of 10,000 meters may not sound like a challenging affair.  Still, there’s the issue of trying to record a conversation with the background droning from the engines.  754 more words


The Power Games

“Enough you two, just shut up”, said Rana as he pushed his lunch-thali away. It was yet another day in his mundane life and the constant squabble between two “important” ladies of his life, made his life hell. 1,306 more words

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Getting along with your daughter-in-law

While my sons were growing up, many people would tell me that “the boys will bring you daughters”.   So, with no daughter of my own, I looked forward to time my sons would bring into the family their chosen partners and even the sexual imbalance that had been the norm in our house for over 30 years. 724 more words



My son and his wife are enroute to Hawai’i to live for a couple of years.
Exciting and heart rending. We will miss them very much. 334 more words