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Not a Good Morning

A good dose of Rose is always just how I like to start my mornings…NOT!

I have barely been in her presence and have been insulted numerous times! 114 more words


Daughter in law

Are you a daughter in law (DIL)? Do you have a difficult relationship with your mother in law (MIL)?

It’s weird. This animosity between women. For some reason MILs hate their DILs.

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what is your belief?

Being a logical thinker for every aspect can put one in conflicts with them self. Though they disagree for multiple aspects but if sometimes are forced to follow few things, its when that they feel helpless about them self. 785 more words


Postcard from the post office wall

….the usual suspects….having fun with Auntie Sam…

photo and tag credit:  Could I Have That?

Family History

“Mom, There’s a Bug in My Wedding Dress!”

The day before my daughter’s wedding I told her to expect things to go wrong on her special day: “As long as you focus on what’s most important, it will not matter one bit. 1,243 more words


I Don't Get It- Daughters-in-Law

I’ve blogged about this before but I still don’t get it. Why do most girls these days not want to be part of the families they marry in to? 359 more words

Random Thoughts

Why don't mother and daughter-in-laws get along?

“I pray my mother-in-law is dead before I marry my husband’

I was in my first year in the university, when my room mate uttered those words. 420 more words