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If I Could Give My Daughter Only Once Piece Of Advice...

As parents we try to instill in our children the values and morals that we think is right. We want them to be raised having the moral compass to be good and civilized adults. 561 more words

Distracted, but for a Great Reason

I had plans tonight to do some serious work on blogging and editing a video for my vlog.  Well, it didn’t happen.  But you know what?  410 more words



So, I had stated in one of my first posts that I was beyond excited to have a little girl because I would get to play dress up, buy nothing but pink, ribbons, and bows, and play with baby dolls. 675 more words


"My future, My seed"

“I’m not sure when,
Or if we will ever meet.
I hope to think somewhere,
You’re anxiously awaiting me.
If or when that time truly decides to come, 14 more words


Wednesday Health Tip: Go Out and Have Some Fun with Your Daughter!

Have fun…grab your daughter and ride a roller coaster! This woman celebrated her 90th birthday by riding a roller coaster.

This blog is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 35 more words


Flowers From Hannah

Yes I did leave my messy nightstand in there on purpose. It’s called life. ;)


Naming the Guppy

Me: Hey sweetie, if The Baby in Mommy’s Tummy is a girl, what do you think we should name her?

Daughter: Bubble Guppy.

Me: Like, one of the characters’ names on Bubble Guppies? 48 more words