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It's been a long day...

So my day started like it normally would.  The little one woke me up at 6 to play.  I slowly crawled out of my cozy little cocoon I had created in my down comforter and stumbled to the living room.   2,392 more words

Watermelon Festival 2014

My family and I went to our small town’s annual Watermelon Festival this past weekend. It actually means more to me now then when I was a child because I now have my own child. 130 more words


Sneaky: Daughters to Dad

Sneaky: Daughters to Dad

I have a sneaking suspicion

That you are on a mission

On tip toes crawling down the hall

Trying so hard not to fall… 206 more words

Leah Calvert Talks Disciplining Her Girls

Leah Calvert has her hands full with three little girls and at times she struggles with getting them under control. There are a lot of moments that make me cringe while watching this show… especially with Aleeah, who can be seen unbuckling her seat belt in the car and climbing onto counter tops in the kitchen. 139 more words

Teen Mom 2

I Can Do It Myself

I like to think of myself as an independent woman. An “I can do it myself!” kind of person. And as my mother has thoughtfully reminded me over the years, that was both the best and the worst part about having me as a daughter. 1,205 more words


C O L D - C A S E

In 1959, I knew a girl who (like me) aspired to be a writer.

Her name was Ann.

She was an oddity of sorts among the girls I occasionally accompanied to Brown’s Pharmacy where we sat at the counter on hot summer afternoons and ate Cheese Doodles while sipping Cokes through waxed paper straws in glasses topped off with half inch ice cubes. 1,029 more words

I am Isabella

We’re in 100% agreement with this beautiful angel!

Please choose your words carefully…

(Photo via Instagram via Daily Saint)