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Well, I got my wish...

Unbelieveably enough, I did get to go on another cruise (ref–June 2013 post). This was totally a shock, very surprising, but it totally took me aback!! 542 more words

The World Around Me

Dear Girls - An Autumn Weekend

Dear girls,

I’ve decided to write to you via my blog seeing as I am never going to begin keeping the journal I have had planned since I was pregnant with you, Anouk.   530 more words


Why I Post Ugly Pictures of Myself on Facebook (sort of)


I think I will title this post “Why I Post Ugly Pictures of Myself on Facebook”, but I’m not sure that’s what I really want to say.  610 more words

Happy Birthday, Dad

You would have turned 92 today, but it’s been it’s been 14 years since I’ve been able to talk to you. 

It still doesn’t take much to make me think of you, though.   128 more words

Dad Has A Message For Boys Who Date His Daughter

As I work feverishly to put together a long list of criteria that would make any guy suitable to date my daughter, I found this guy who puts into words what all us fathers of daughters are thinking: 54 more words


Tears to stain his shirt

He bent to touch his forehead to hers, held it there, those grey eyes inches from her gaze—a gaze she could feel welling—their lashes nearly touching, hot breath mingling. 378 more words


"Kids don't deserve respect."

For the love of Moses and low rise jeans, if I experience one more adult trying to make this statement clear to me, I will erupt into flames and hopefully die. 283 more words