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Pearl Jam and the Indian Rain Man of the Vancouver Canucks

If you don’t know Tim Thompson, you should.  He is the genius behind all the Hockey Night in Canada opening montages, which are often a bit too Toronto-centric for my taste, but still manage to take my breathe away almost every week. 775 more words


A naughty child sent to her bedroom (Daughters sample)

Later, Taryn was crossing the kitchen when she glanced over to see Jim working a steak on the grill. Broad shoulders and a trim waist hid under a snug T-shirt that had a moist-darkened strip down the back. 1,014 more words


Somehow this involves Bob Seger

So this is the busiest time of the year for Mom and I. My job just gets stupid with the lack of a definable schedule and the girls’ activities get crazier than Biden at a Daughters of the American Revolution mixer. 568 more words

Bitter Sweet Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has always been bitter sweet for me.

Bitter: I have missed my mum for 34 years, since 2 May 1980.

Sweet: for the last six years, Mother’s Day has changed, since becoming a mum to my girls, Ava and Hannah.

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Bria Strikes Again...

Since we’ve returned from American Idol, Bria has been touring with the Boys and Girls Club of America.  This has been a great experience for her.   128 more words

Stop telling me to smile

Over my shoulder, I call towards the back of the car, “Why do you think men yell out at women on the street?” “Because they can,” came the lightning quick response from one of my twin 16-year-old daughters. 298 more words


太陽と月の娘 Tayou to Tsuki no Musume

Months ago, I saw a picture by photographer Oleg Ti and I fell in love with the light effect in it. Oleg Ti knows SO much about lighting and I often keep an eye on his articles which explain his lighting set ups. 411 more words