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Jawbreak Jam of the Day: April 23, 2014


Most people know Nirvana for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and their many other classics. However, this track is a bit of a hidden gem.


April’s A-Z Challenge: N = Nirvana

…The titles of these articles were chosen by my friend Hayley. In a little social experiment I am conducting, I am using the same word she does for her challenge article, but I am not reading what she writes until after I have written my own piece. 568 more words

Red Balls Rock N Roll Pizza

Living in LA has its challenges, especially if you’re a working stiff like me.

The daily battle with the 405, the high cost of living and dubious air quality are all reasons to hate LA. 276 more words

Its Only Rock N Roll

In Retrospect: In Utero

Instead of looking back specifically at In Utero, I want to look back on it through the recent tribute album that was released this weekend for… 471 more words

Top 20 Nirvana Lyrics

On 5th April 2014, millions stopped to remember the 20th Anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s tragic death. To celebrate Cobain’s legacy, we’ve put together a top 20 of his best lyrics. 505 more words

Spending Record Store Day With Jack White, the Holiday's Living Embodiment

The black and yellow paint, the tin ceilings, the interior archway with a phonograph for a keystone, the taxidermied elephant head in the blue room and full-sized bongo stalking the kitchen, the offices lined up as seedy motel rooms above a factory floor bathed in barely-not-nauseating yellow light, the lab coats the engineers wear while they’re cutting, probably even the bidet that hangs bat-like from the ceiling of one bathroom stall… everything in… 1,848 more words


Call Out

Foo Fighters – This Is A Call. Dave Grohl’s genius makes you respect Kurt Cobain that much more of a fucking genius.