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Tesco to offer free cheese

In a bold move designed to drastically change the fortunes of the ailing supermarket giant, Tesco have announced this morning they are going to stop charging for all mainstream varieties of cheese with immediate effect. 254 more words

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Tesco's Value Destruct-o-Meter: $21 billion and counting

The numbers: Grim. Really grim. Gruesome, even. When a 92% drop in profit is not the worst thing in a results announcement, you know you’re in trouble. 223 more words

‘Towards Tesco’? by Colin Cram

Pride comes before a fall. The mighty Tesco supermarket is in deep trouble. Not only have its sales fallen by 4.2% in the past year, it is now accused of an accounting scandal in which profits have been overstated by an estimated £250million. 586 more words

Editor Commentary

Unexpected crisis in the bagging area: leadership spotlight on Tesco

Tesco is reeling from one of the worst weeks in its history after a whistle blower in the company’s accounting team alerted new boss Dave Lewis to a £250m shortfall in the retailer’s expected half-year profits. 2,271 more words

Agile Thinking

Top Tip: get the bad news out soonest and make it personal

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis made the right choice today: admit publically bad things have gone on and talk about them. The lesson is: do not hide from the bad news in corporate communications and respond quickly and personally from the top. 153 more words


TESCO BREAKING....Chief Finance Officer Mcilwee left company six days before improper profit forecast discovered


Industry sources were claiming late this morning that departing Chief Financial Officer Laurie Mcilwee left Tesco just six days before the £250M profit overstatement anomaly was discovered. 244 more words

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Tesco to beat its staff with a shitty stick

Supermarket giant Tesco is said to be taking the unusual step of beating its staff to within an inch of their lives using a shitty stick in order to get to the bottom of how its projected half year profits were overstated by £250 million. 247 more words