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tension, balance, possibility: the thomas family's dub variations

The Thomas Family – Dub Variations (CD, Crow Versus Crow, CVC001, edition of 100 or download)

First, the specifications:

Three seamlessly segued tracks, all around quarter of an hour long (two over, one under), released on a properly pressed CD, in an edition of 100, by Andrew Wild’s Crow Versus Crow imprint. 587 more words

No Audience Underground

Connected Gigabit switches with 100 Mbit devices

I need a network with two unmanaged switches.

Each switch will have two, 100BaseT devices attached. 100Base devices on one switch communicate with devices connected to the other switch. 95 more words

An anthropologist, an FBI agent and an entomologist walk into a bar...

So, I’m trying something new.

I still don’t know if I’m up for writing full-length recaps of Bones like I used to. I’m starting to think that ship sailed for good last season. 4,768 more words


Stangl Marbled Ceramic Ashtray Dave Thomas Vintage

In 1954, Dave Thomas at Stangl designed a number of cigarette related pieces. This ashtray is one of those pieces. He created the marbled swirling design in the clay body, a design that was short lived. 39 more words