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Dave -- Part II: Sexting 101

(Hand coyly over mouth) In which that literary sport of politicians, sexting, makes an appearance in my box, and in my repertoire. 

Dave: When are you gonna come belly dance for me? 601 more words


Dave is a Social Entrepreneur.

I’m Dave, and I’m the founder of KidBits. When I saw that John Campbell piece on child poverty in New Zealand, I was shocked. We all were. 261 more words


Getting Out of Debt: Selling Stuff

Good information on debt relief.  We sold almost everything.  It can be hard, but it can be done.

Getting Out of Debt: Selling Stuff. 7 more words


Dave -- Part I: Getting My Toes, And Other Regions, Wet

In which I fall deeply in like with a new conquest.

By this time, on Internet dating sites I’d learned a thing or two about West African scammers and could spot them a mile away; I was no longer in danger of being taken in by them. 329 more words


100 Days to Go and Tories STILL have 96 Candidates to Select

Research shows that with 100 days to go, the Tories are still short a whopping 97 candidates. Almost a sixth of all seats…

Even if you subtract Northern Ireland, there are still 79 candidate-less seats with just a couple of months to go. 91 more words

Guido Fawkes

The Year Of Gear Is Upon Us

We are not buy-all-the-things people. Dave and I tend to be pretty minimalistic. We live in a small space and are fine with not owning fine china or enough kitchen gadgets to sink the Titanic. 1,273 more words