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AD: After Dave

The official text lingo for Tory MPs discussing the post-Cameron age appears to be “AD” for “After Dave”.

As in:

“Won’t it be nice when we will be able to do all sorts of right-wing stuff, AD.”

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Guido Fawkes

2014 - November 24

Errol: Huzzah! Last night I finished all but one NaNoToon! Yes! ^_^


Conspiracy Dave: Ice Skating Jesus

If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around, does it make a sound? Does its tree family mourn their tragic loss? Do they turn to black magic and raise the tree from the dead? 357 more words

That Was The Week That Was

Fall at Vanderbilt University – nothing to do with my post but so lovely I wanted to share it.

It’s a week later and I am relieved to have the letter and its accompanying ¬†attachments on their way to DSHS – all thanks to Dave Gagley. ¬† 880 more words


Conspiracy Dave: Ebola

Ebola has come to the New World, but there is no need to panic, readers. Ebola is very hard to catch. It can only be transmitted by direct contact with blood, urine, semen and other bodily secretions. 371 more words

Conspiracy Dave: The Signal

Where does the doorknob end and your hand begin? The answer is not as obvious as you think.

I am back, Internet. Hello. I apologize for my extended absence. 448 more words

Which Strategy is Better To Use When Working With Push Notification In terms of performance And Efficiency?

Now that i have discovered the push technique in primefaces, I am wondering which of these two ways are better to use in terms of performance. 275 more words

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