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The mudskipper: the coolest fish on land?

Since the first time I saw this snippet, I have loved the mudskipper, and I can watch this over and over again. Hilarious, interesting, fascinating. Evolution FTW.


Who do you think you know?

You know that Nigella Lawson?

No. You don’t. But I bet you could close your eyes and picture her if you tried.

You know her face, recognize her voice, and probably know at least 3 distinct facts about her. 552 more words

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Get a Voice

“Success in voice-over is not a question of class of accent. It is a question of clarity of thought and diction coupled with the ability to communicate subtle thoughts and desires normally masked by words.” (Bernard Graham Shaw)

204 more words

"Natural history is not about producing fables"*...

Or, then again, maybe it can be…

Lori Nix has created  a series of photos that show the mayhem behind the scenes at an imaginary natural history museum.   319 more words

Touching two minute video... "What A Wonderful World" indeed

From BBC One, “What A Wonderful World” with David Attenborough.  Inspiring lyrics spoken over very cool images.

Climate change, death and rebirth – a doomsday hypothesis

“The heavens have had their dropsy, they drowned the world; and they shall have their fever, and burn the world.” – John Donne, Devotions on Emergent Occasions. 1,186 more words

Climate Change

“Anyone who thinks that you can have infinite growth on a planet with finite resources is either a madman or an economist.” – David Attenborough