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If David Attenborough narrated the graduate odyssey…

*to be read in hushed voice-over*

And here, we observe the recently hired graduatus, or in the common tongue, ‘graduate’, inspecting their new surroundings. Inquisitive, rosy-cheeked and fresh-faced, this young individual practically oozes relief. 873 more words

The Graduate

Moderate Muslim Species Facing Extinction According to Naturalist David Attenborough

In an emergency press conference held yesterday by the World Wild Life Foundation, renowned naturalist David Attenborough declared the “moderate Muslim” species was facing a real threat of extinction. 287 more words

David Attenborough

A Perfect Saturday

Yesterday I spent most of the morning in bed watching Revenge. I was also filling out an unnecessarily long re-validation form for my professional organisation. This was not what I particularly wanted to do but it does mean it is now finished and sent off so I no longer have to remember that it needs doing. 513 more words

Concert Film Review - Björk: Biophilia Live (2014)

From 2011 to 2014, Biophilia was Björk’s prized musical pet and more than just an album. It was with Biophilia that the Icelandic artist brought her love for science and technology together with new tunes accompanied by an iPad multimedia app, where she fused music theory with science lessons, allowing users to re-imagine each of Biophilia’s 10 songs located in her very own galaxy. 812 more words


When Björk Met Attenborough (2013)

At just over 45 minutes, the short-form documentary When Björk Met Attenborough is more or less supplementary material for the brilliant Biophilia Live concert film. The documentary’s central conversation between the idiosyncratic musician Björk and famed naturalist David Attenborough is philosophically stimulating, but is not all the film has to offer. 609 more words

Brandon Ledet

(Super) Movie Jam Alert!

In support of our new album #NSFW, a (Super) Movie Jam for our song Mass Effect. The video features 2001: A Space Odyssey, David Attenborough, and an orangutan. 12 more words

Drum And Bass

Björk: Biophilia Live (2014)

“I do believe motion pictures are the significant art form of our time. And I think the main reason is, they’re an art form of movement, as opposed to static art forms of previous times. 1,291 more words

Brandon Ledet