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Do you know what really bugs me, insect puns. But seriously, you should have a lot of respect for all of those not-so-creepy crawlies.

Before I started my degree I had a really limited knowledge of all things insect, and thought they were all out to get me. However, after very persistent and passionate lecturers I now have a huge respect for all things entomology. 918 more words


8 Reasons People Embrace Religion

It’s been estimated that nearly 90% of people in the world belong to a religion; even if you exclude the children of religious people (in many countries, children are legally of the same religion as their parents until they are adults), it’s clear a large percentage of people have religious beliefs. 1,410 more words


David Attenborough's THE TRIALS OF LIFE. Back on the BBC after 24 years and in HD.

I was one of the main contributors to the 12-part BBC natural history series THE TRIALS OF LIFE, first broadcast in 1990, so I’m very pleased that it is being repeated on BBC2 and BBC2 HD from Saturday 13th September. 16 more words

David Attenborough is Filming a 3D Doco on the Great Barrier Reef This Year

You may think you have a good handle on David Attenborough docos by now. He waltzes into an amazing natural landscape, dispels an extraordinary amount of knowledge on Everything in the Entire World, and promptly films something incredibly disgusting or depressingly ruthless. 345 more words

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Singing Whales and Birds With Blue Feet

You can learn a great deal about pacing and intonation by letting the euphonious voice of Sir David Attenborough wash over you for two minutes a day.  96 more words

Sing Better English


(Text written in June 2014, for gallery exhibition at Enclave)

Roderick Maclachlan’s new work, Disappearance, extends his established analogue media practice (Paint Can Reflected… 825 more words