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Day 353: Leicester

A-Z of English Towns: L is for Leicester

Leicester has one of the more idiosyncratic spellings of English towns. Along with Worcester and Gloucester it has people, unfamiliar with the place names, struggling with  the  pronunciation let alone the spelling. 1,898 more words

For The Bird-Watcher

David Attenborough and the Lyrebird of Australia. In this short clip, you see how the lyrebird mimics sounds it hears. Very entertaining.

Review: Wonders of Life (2013)

“Wonders of Life” does exactly what it says on the tin: it shows the marvels of the natural world and beyond. Where it escapes its brethren’s dullness, though, is its sense of purest wonderment. 699 more words


David Attenborough y el documental de las "Fangirls"

David Attenborough es un científico e investigador del ámbito naturalista de fama internacional. Attenborough, a sus 88 años de edad ha escrito y protagonizado 8 series televisivas y ha participado en más de 30 programas/documentales acerca de la naturaleza y el mundo animal. 158 more words


Kew Gardens: a cherished botanical legacy

I once spent an under-employed summer in London, and happily filled my many days off with regular trips to nearby Kew. I always returned to the city with wondrous impressions I will never forget. 510 more words

Fern History And Culture

How do Mermaids Poo?

Thank goodness it’s Friday – you know what that means – time for a ‘15’! Let’s see if I can put a little smile on your face before we close the week and head into the weekend. 295 more words


Clive Barker and the future of the human race

“It’s amazing how often I hear people say, ‘You know, we shouldn’t be on this planet.’ I’d never heard that before. That’s very new, the whole idea that the people on the animal planet are talking about the fact that we are the problem not the solution – the wolf not the shepherd – and the decent thing that we should do is just get a gun and put it to our collective heads, I’d never heard of that said before, or mooted before, but it’s an incredibly scary prospect that people, sensible people now think the only solution for what they consider a more valuable piece of creation than us – which is the rest of nature – is best served by us packing our bags and leaving. 665 more words