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“Fury” is one hell of a film, and one that has surprised me the most so far this year. Writer/director David Ayer is oddly inconsistent, in my opinion. 670 more words


Fury: a more effective anti-war drama than Saving Private Ryan?

Virtually every online blog I have read makes a reference to Saving Private Ryan while reviewing David Ayer’s Brad Pitt starrer Fury. A couple of reviews have gone so far as to call it as good as or better than the Spielberg Oscar-winner. 680 more words


David Ayer just 'can't wait' to start Suicide Squad

If you’re wondering what kind of state DC’s movie adaption of Suicide Squad is in, then the director, David Ayer, has spoken recently on how he “can’t wait” to get the ball rolling on his first major blockbuster film, and by the sounds of it. 7 more words

Claustrophobia and Camaraderie in Fury and End of Watch

If I had the time or the inclination, I’d do some research on how much people who struggle with claustrophobia enjoy writer-director David Ayer’s movies. I’m guessing not so much. 1,029 more words



Prior to seeing Fury, I’d never seen a war movie all the way through. This is impressive being I’m an American male, born, raised and home-schooled in a Southern, Christian household where camouflage outnumbered all other patterns combined. 996 more words




April 1945. As the allies push further and further into a defeated Germany, the crew of a Sherman tank, nick-named Fury, encounter hostile resistance wherever they go. 339 more words


Fury: Review

If you’re a fan of epic war films Fury may not be on your list of ones to watch. However, if you don’t necessarily have a love for the war film, this could be the one to break that wall down. 626 more words

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