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alt.fan.david.bowie - Images #1

The following was written by someone using the pseudonym AlaDINsaNE in the newsgroup, alt.fan.david.bowie. In addition to the pseudonym used, the author often signed his works using the name Jamie Soule. 4,240 more words

David Bowie

Episode 03 - From The Man Who Sold the World to Hunky Dory

In episode 03 we get marginally back on the rails and talk the prog rock influenced Man Who Sold the World and the essential Bowie album… 27 more words

David Bowie

Classic Rock Almanac April 22

40 years ago today — and five years to the day after The Who performed Tommy live in its entirety for the first time — Roger Daltrey began shooting his lead role as the title character of Ken Russell’s movie version of Tommy. 481 more words


Labyrinth (1986)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Musical

Cast: David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly

Synopsis: After a mincing pervert kidnaps her baby brother, Jennifer Connelly must solve a complex labyrinth within 13 hours or face losing her brother forever and getting in trouble with her parents. 746 more words


Tuesday Tunes: But I Try

This is my song obsession as of late. It’s good to dance to, but it can also make you think. David Bowie’s good at that.


10 Concept Albums You're Probably Not Getting

Concept albums should not be evaluated solely on how flashy the concept is, but rather, how well it’s executed as a narrative. Sometimes, the musician might have gone into painstaking detail to lay out the concept, but the overabundance of details and references to other works is overwhelming or inaccessible to the listener. 2,226 more words