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On Beyond: Two Souls

It seems like people don’t very much like Beyond: Two Souls. With a Metacritic average score of 70 points, negative comments about the game abound, even on positive reviews. 1,126 more words

...But I Know What I Like

If there’s one trend among gaming journalists that’s been bothering me lately, it’s their obsession with video games “growing up”. It’s not that I think that no video game should ever that tackle more mature subject matter in a thought-provoking way, but then, that’s not usually the entire story when it comes to the common narrative with the ideal way for video games to grow as a medium. 1,996 more words

Professor Icepick

Abnormal Mapping 9: The Quantic Dreamcast


This month is a special month, as we’re joined by special guest Destiny Sturdivant of the Badland Girls for not only our first guest third chair but also our longest episode ever! 181 more words

Video Games

Kara : A Sad Emotional Film About A Robot

Kara by David Cage

After a couple of adventures in the realm of live action short films, we’re returning back to a animated short film. This one is a science fiction drama short called Kara developed by Quantum Dream studios and written as well as directed by David Cage. 221 more words

Short Film

Tautological taxonomy? Categorising games from things that are not games

What is a game?

Hot topic, to be sure. “Not a game” is one of the most common criticisms, for example, of Gone Home on Steam. 764 more words