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DAVE LEE TRAVIS: time to tell the fanatics that enough is enough....and time we saw some progress in Richmond

DLT has been in alone the dock for too long: we should add Lord Brittan, David Cameron, Nick Clegg & Boris Johnson

Dave Lee Travis’s sentence has been referred to the Attorney General for review….on the basis of… 930 more words

David Cameron

IRAQ/SYRIA BOMBING: The tediously insane saga of Obama, Saudis, Iraqis, Syrians, Palestinians, Jordanians, Cameron, IS, al-Nusra, Salafists, bombs and oil

The unifying power of a bombing campaign

This went up on Twitter today:

Well now, there’s a surprise: you give IS money to look good among Muslims, I get to bomb them and look good among Americans, and both of us stop Jihadists from controlling the oil. 482 more words

David Cameron

Smile, it's The Sunday Slime

Mother of 5 Lucy Newmark and her virtual partner Brooks

Few Ministers go the extra mile to quite the extent that Brooks Newmark did in his role as Women’s Champion. 1,350 more words

David Cameron

My speech to Parliament during Coalition against ISIL debate

Surely, humility and modesty should be our watchwords in this debate, if only because the reductions we have made to the size of our armed forces across the Army, Navy and, I am afraid, Air Force are so significant; yet we do not seem to have made the same reduction in our leading politicians’ desire to intervene across the world with the relatively modest armed forces that we still have. 488 more words

Mark Reckless

ACTION IN IRAQ: vague codswallop and half-truths - plus a willing "Opposition" - will give Cameron the military campaign he craves

I find it hard to credit this, but the following sub-head appeared in a Daily Telegraph article this afternoon under the headline ‘FBI identifies Jihadi John': 534 more words

David Cameron

ANALYSIS: the discreet balm of the Eliterie

No matter how potty and fantastic the real facts of life get, there is always a neoliberal political bumboy there to either explain away the obvious, or obfuscate the truth. 1,143 more words

David Cameron


 Call me Damocles

Before kicking off today, I would like to make two things crystal clear:

1. I do not condone what ‘ISIS’ has done (or appears to have done). 921 more words

David Cameron