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A Novel Lays Bare Media Ills

At first glance, “The Last Magazine: A Novel” by Michael Hastings would appear to lack relevance in the current media age. A fictional account of life inside a failed magazine — Newsweek — in a dying industry — print — written by a now-dead journalist, the book seems very much beside the point. 1,296 more words

Press Release

TEDster Pro Tips: Maria Popova on Email Newsletters

In this ongoing series, ROI asks influencers to provide our readers with ’pro tips’ to help unearth new ideas for more productive, delightful, and meaningful work. 465 more words

Work Well

Local Newsrooms As Participatory Journalism Labs

In both local and national coverage of Ferguson I’ve seen a shift in how journalists approach participatory media in conflict areas. Citizen journalism was central to the Occupy protests a few years ago, but it largely remained separate and distinct from the mainstream media coverage. 1,341 more words


Lions' pass rush a good test for Raiders

If the second preseason game is any indication, the success of the Raiders’ offense could very well come down to whether it can counter pass rush pressure. 230 more words

Rumor Mill

Author, sign this

Quick, said my son, buy a signed copy of Lawrence Grobel’s biography of Al Pacino in Dubray Books and I’ll get Pacino to sign it too. 436 more words



1. Potatoes.

2. Oranges.

3. Houston Texan quarterback David Carr.


One call-

Preferred not to be seen in football.


Gaza - war and bearing witness in real time

“If Vietnam brought war into the living room, the last few weeks have put it at our fingertips. On our phones, news alerts full of body counts bubble into our inbox, Facebook feeds are populated by appeals for help or action on behalf of victims, while Twitter boils with up-to-the-second reporting, some by professionals and some by citizens, from scenes of disaster and chaos.” 39 more words