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I Have An Active Imagination

This interesting thing popped up over at Nori Magazine a moment ago.

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23 Jul 2014 19:08:18
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In The End It's All About Content

  • Comcast buys Time Warner Cable to control 40% of broadband.
  • AT&T joins with DirecTV
  • Comcast buys NBC Universal
  • 21st Century Fox makes a play to buy Time Warner, Inc.
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New York Times

Sigh. The Daquan Meme Crisis Continues

I have actually met the publisher of The New York Times, Arthur Sulzberger.

I did so in Seoul and I was completely, totally starstruck. I was so starstruck that I didn’t even get a picture of the event. 199 more words


The Houston Texans and Andre Johnson

What are the Texans to do? Andre Johnson is fed up and wants out? He declared that he wants to be traded but the Texans don’t want to let that happen. 455 more words


Morning Media Mix: Mostly Murdoch

The Daily News splashily delivered 40,000 petitions from their save the horse carriage campaign to city hall, but the mayor didn’t really care and sent an aide to pick up the sacks emblazoned with what the… 348 more words

Did the Ancient Egyptians know the Distance between the Inner Planets?

By David Carr

Over the centuries researchers have wondered what the significance is to the layout of the Pyramids at Giza. Could they mimic the stars above or possibly hold a secret code hidden within their design? 159 more words

David Carr

On media’s stage, a scenery shift: De Correspondent shows off thrilling new props verging on a ‘keiretsu-cooperative’; a NY Times columnist tugs the curtain on the old set

A group of Dutch media innovators – inevitably, young, as noted here last week – has created an actual, working prototype of what we expect to be a popular style of organisation for publishing in the near future. 1,215 more words

Re-arranging Publishing For The 5th Estate