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First Blood

I think I may have had the most surreal experience for the year. I am sure something else will happen to dethrone last night but it is gonna be a while. 265 more words

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Session 9 (2001)

An asbestos clean-up company composed of longtime “friends” is hired to clear an old abandoned mental hospital of the carcinogenic insulation. The facility is huge, looking to cover about a square mile. 371 more words

"Session 9" Finds Success by Abandoning Formula

When “Ghost Hunters” premiered and became popular several years ago it sparked two trends: one was the paranormal investigation reality show, the other was films in which people go to scary abandoned or historic buildings for one reason or anotherand for the rest of the film run around while CGI effects pop out at them if the budget allows or people do if the budget does not. 728 more words

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Requesting Back-Up.

I think we can all agree that if we learned anything in the 90′s by reading ‘The Rules,’ it’s that, besides to wear lipstick to the gym, when you have a setback in your Dating Life, that’s the time to get busy. 300 more words

I Watched It on openculture.com: THE DRILLER KILLER

Abel Ferrara’s second full-length feature, 1979′s  The Driller Killer ,  looks like it was shot for $1.49 and edited with all the subtlety of the punk rock songs on the soundtrack.(Mr. 452 more words

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Kitsch and Gadgets and David Caruso

Dear Friends,

One of my favorite quotes is from a story my son, Jacob, wrote about a boy whose mind often wandered into an imaginative world of daydreams.  932 more words

My Life; True Stories Of Mishaps And Mayhem