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Duke's Cutcliffe Prepares For Reunion With Weis

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) — David Cutcliffe is getting ready to coach against a man he never really got the chance to work with — Charlie Weis. 597 more words


David Cutcliffe Reimagined Duke Football

“We’re going to learn from it, we’ll see some great things, but it’s going to be a great opportunity for us to get better as a team,” … 642 more words

Jack Ford Of 60 Minutes Sports On The Man Behind Peyton Mannings Recovery

Jack Ford is a reporter for 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime.

Jack joined Ed and Steve to talk about his upcoming piece on the man behind Peyton Manning’s recovery, which airs tonight at 10pm only on Showtime. 153 more words


There is an old Southern term, after something like losing in the Super Bowl, you set your jaw a little differently. Maybe the jaw has been set just a little differently.

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You have to look at Archie. Look at Olivia, her family. Peyton got a double dose of this driven, success-oriented DNA.

David Cutcliffe, Head Coach Duke University, former Offensive Coordinator, University of Tennessee 

A coach taught me at an early age of treating practice like a game, to me this is where you become a better football team out here on the practice field.

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I told John Elway and John Fox, when it looked like he was going to sign with them, ‘You think you know what you’re getting, you just don’t really know until you’re with him.’ And I can see the effects, I see his fingerprints all over that organization.

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