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Shakespearing #23: Hamlet

Shakespearing #23 by David Foley


For a certain kind of theatre/English lit nerd, Hamlet was our Catcher in the Rye. Hamlet not Holden was the disaffected hero who awakened our sense that we were surrounded by phonies in a messed-up world. 643 more words


Shakespearing #22: As You Like It

Shakespearing #22 by David Foley

As You Like It

I’ve probably fallen too easily into the assumption that the order I’m using for Shakespeare’s plays reflects an actual order of composition. 650 more words


Shakespearing #19: Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespearing #19 by David Foley

Much Ado About Nothing

Why are Beatrice and Benedick so funny? Maybe you can’t appreciate the force of the question unless you’ve been reading a lot of Shakespeare lately, unless you’ve struggled through the sometimes dusty corridors of his humor, laboriously reconstructing jokes and trying to imagine how they landed four hundred years ago. 608 more words


Shakespearing 17.2: Lears

Shakespearing 17.2 by David Foley

Lears (An Interlude)

Note: In my project of reading all of Shakespeare’s plays in order, I’m still a long way from King Lear. 940 more words