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Review: Elizabeth of Starland

So in one of life’s gentle ironies, Alma Boykin reviewed one of my books this week, when I was planning to review hers. We hadn’t talked about it beforehand, nor did I realize that today is the launch day for her new book in the Colplatschki series. 582 more words


David Friedman - Application of Economic Analysis to the Law

Legal rules exist to change what people do…

Economics deals with how people respond to incentives…

Economics can both help make sense of the law and help decide what the law should be…

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Law And Economics

The Simple Case for Laissez-Faire

The discussion so far suggests a simple solution to the problem of creating efficient legal rules – private property plus freedom of exchange.

Everything belongs to someone.

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Law And Economics

On net, are the results good or bad?

As an economist, I have no expertise in good and bad. I can, however, set up a "criterion of goodness" called efficiency, that has the following characteristics.

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Applied Welfare Economics