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Take Responsibility - It's the Right Thing to Do - Man Up

A Look at David Friedman and how he dealt with the NHTSA Investigation

David Friedman, the acting leader of the NHTSA is not in a very comfortable seat right now. 648 more words


The Hayekian argument against foreign intervention

I listened to an interview with David Henderson on the Tom Woods show (episode: Mind Your Own Business July 30th 2014) and I found a great argument against foreign intervention based on the insights of Hayek. 437 more words


Rabyd Philosophy – Engaging Classical Liberalism - Anarcho-Capitalism

Time to hit the last school of thought in classical liberalism libertarianism. – Anarcho-Capitalism.  Here is the synopsis of the video.

The two big names associated with this school are Murray Rothbard and David Friedman.   505 more words


An honest libertarian approach to market failure and public goods problems

Market failure is a common angle used to assert that fully free markets would not work, so therefore we need government intervention. The appropriate libertarian response in these cases is… 839 more words


Milton Friedman anniversary

Thursday would be Milton Friedman’s 102nd birthday.

I actually applied to only one college when I was a libertarian high school student, back before the internet existed, the University of Chicago, because I thought Milton… 480 more words

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