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An honest libertarian approach to market failure and public goods problems

Market failure is a common angle used to assert that fully free markets would not work, so therefore we need government intervention. The appropriate libertarian response in these cases is… 839 more words


Milton Friedman anniversary

Thursday would be Milton Friedman’s 102nd birthday.

I actually applied to only one college when I was a libertarian high school student, back before the internet existed, the University of Chicago, because I thought Milton… 480 more words

Reason Magazine

The power and self-discipline of parsimonious analysis

Some bristle over the small size of the basic analytical tool kit of economists and the leanness of the behavioural assumptions therein (Stigler 1987). 

Simpler explanations and more parsimonious abstractions are better ‘engines for the discovery of concrete truth’ about how people will respond to changes in their economic and social environments. 282 more words


Review: Elizabeth of Starland

So in one of life’s gentle ironies, Alma Boykin reviewed one of my books this week, when I was planning to review hers. We hadn’t talked about it beforehand, nor did I realize that today is the launch day for her new book in the Colplatschki series. 582 more words