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David & Goliath - Malcolm Gladwell

We all know the story of David & Goliath – the giant soldier felled by the lowly shepherd, proving that underdogs shouldn’t be underestimated. What if we’ve got that story the wrong way round though, what if David wasn’t in fact such an underdog? 371 more words


Are The X-Men Terrorists?

I’ve started back to work, so I suspect my blog output will slow down a little bit over the next couple of weeks, so no one panic if one day you wake up and my latest rumination isn’t waiting for you in your reader; it’s likely I just skipped posting for a day to rebuild my queue. 1,337 more words


David & Goliath Part 1: Motives of the Heart

Before we begin please read the full story of David and Goliath here.

So the men of Israel said, “Have you seen this man who has come up?

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The Old Testament In Our Modern Lives

David and Goliath

Giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness.”  As a society we are always measured or being measured to someone else, whether in the classroom, the board room or in between.  663 more words


Underdogs? Misfits? Not Anymore.

Hi Guys! Before I go straight to my second book review, I just want to use this opportunity to thank every single one of you who has visited this blog. 698 more words