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David & Goliath creative agency in El Segundo, CA, has a Goliath wall where employees can post photo reminders of their greatest fear, what they want to overcome in their personal lives. 69 more words

Haitian Tourism Projec Leads to Environmental Damage and Community Repression - Daily Kos

We want to remind everyone that on May 10, 2013, the Martelly/Lamothe government issued a decree that Île-à-Vache was to be designated for tourism development and public utility, effectively pitting the population of Île-à-Vache against the government in a David-Goliath scenario. 362 more words


God is Bigger than Any Ole' Giant!

Since I can remember, I was especially too hard on myself. I was picked on growing up, but I was terribly mean to myself, too. I thought, “I’m going to beat up myself so bad that nothing anyone says will phase me, because I verbally hurt myself worse.” I was not verbally abused or anything like that by anyone except myself. 1,032 more words


David vs Goliath: The Advantages of Disadvantages

Favourites. Anyone who has engaged in some form of competition be it sport, business, conflict or any other industry, will either have been a favourite or an underdog at some stage of their career. 1,357 more words

+++ Jugendamt : Terroragentur der Angst +++

Na allem was man hört, liest, erlebt und immer wieder vor die Nase gesetzt bekommt, kann es keinen Zweifel daran geben, das die deutschen Jugendämter Terroragenturen der Angst sind. 852 more words

David & Goliath - Malcolm Gladwell

We all know the story of David & Goliath – the giant soldier felled by the lowly shepherd, proving that underdogs shouldn’t be underestimated. What if we’ve got that story the wrong way round though, what if David wasn’t in fact such an underdog? 371 more words


David & Goliath Part 3: Humble Gifts

Read the full story of David and Goliath here. You may also want to checkout part 1 and part 2 in this David and Goliath series. 674 more words

The Old Testament In Our Modern Lives