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After the com-plaintive, rootsy Prince AvalancheDavid Gordon Green takes a second shot at getting way back; Not quite as far as the knock out… 268 more words


Partridge Transcendence (Weekly Links)

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald and Seattle Weekly.

Transcendence. “Even the sure-fire gotcha moments don’t land with the expected punch.” 47 more words

Review - Prince Avalanche (2013)

David Gordon Green’s directorial resume includes such films as Pineapple Express, Your Highness and the TV series Eastbound & Down. I enjoyed these things to varying degrees and each has similar themes (and… 308 more words



As David Gordon Green’s Joe rolls into theaters, a number of folks are attempting to reassess the recent career of Nice Cage. Joe is the first film Cage has taken on in years that doesn’t seem like a blatant cash grab. 406 more words

Nic Cage

Painfully authentic and savage "Joe" among this year's best thus far

The roots of violence take many forms in director David Gordon Green’s stellar Southern crime drama, “Joe.”

First and foremost, there’s the near-comical levels to which the eponymous lead (played by Nicolas Cage) goes to in trying to prevent himself from going over the edge when dealing with others — supremely self-aware of his propensity for going off on someone, whether it’s a police officer or someone close to him. 667 more words


A Good Man: JOE

Nicolas Cage is an excellent actor. It’s easy to forget that, given the walking/talking meme Cage has become, and his rather questionable career choices . But with Joe, Cage seems to be on the road to recovery to remind us he’s still got it in him to deliver a fantastic performance. 669 more words