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AVAR 2014 paper

This is the paper by myself and Sebastian Bortnik, of ESET Latin America, presented at AVAR 2014 in Sydney: Lemming Aid and Kool Aid: Helping the Community to help itself through Education 293 more words

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Something a little different...

…and you probably know the song much better than any of mine. Still, my YouTube debut, playing guitar on Mustang Sally at a post-conference jam session in Sydney, along with ESET’s Andi Lee (on bass), Righard Zwienenberg (drums), and Richard Marko (keyboards), and the amazing Peter Kruse (of CSIS) on harp and vocal. 62 more words

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Upcoming events

[Courtesy of Siggi Haynes of the Knucklas folk night.)

THIS WEDNESDAY 19th at 9pm there is Richards session at the CROWN, CLUNTON (Tel: 01588 660265) 130 more words


WireLurker - my last word (maybe)

I notice that it’s being stated in several places that this is the first malware that affects non-jailbroken iGadgets. It may be the first on this scale, but it’s not the first ever. 110 more words

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WireLurker revisited

Update: you might also find this Register article of interest.]

My attention was drawn to some more links in the order in which I found them, in a thread between Randy Knobloch and Artem Baranov. 30 more words

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WireLurker OS X and iOS malware

I’m guessing that the current spike in views of this site is related to the media fuss about Wirelurker which has (potentially) affected OS X users and iOS users, even those who don’t jailbreak their iGadgets. 108 more words

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