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David Harvey: On Jolts of Experience

“I find the idea that there is something called ‘experience’ unmediated by imagination as unacceptable as the equally misguided view that facts and data exist independently of theory.

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My Brief(er)Summary and Interpretation of A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey

It has been a couple of years since I read David Harvey’s A Brief History of Neoliberalism but in the time since I have regularly relied upon the lessons and narrative of this book to inform my understanding of current affairs. 2,534 more words

Urbanismo y desigualdad social en un barrio de Barcelona

José Mansilla, miembro del Observatori d’Antropologia del Conflicte Urbà (OACU)

Antes de nada quiero reconocer el homenaje, casi plagio, que hago del canónico trabajo de David Harvey, … 958 more words

Desarrollo Urbano Y Regional

Tories unlikely to stop Bill prohibiting paid plasma, but why are they even trying?

The Ontario Tories recently have appeared to be distancing themselves from some of the more unpopular positions adopted by the party under Tim Hudak.

Voting for second reading of an Act intended to close the door on paid collection of blood and blood components by the private sector, the Tories n one-the-less seem incapable of parking their ideology at the door as Bill 21 finds its way into committee. 940 more words

David Harvey - Crises of Capitalism

Excellent, short, witty and insightful animation of David Harvey’s lecture to the Royal Society of Arts.


HARDtalk with David Harvey

HARDtalk David Harvey Marxist Academic Geographer in New York

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