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David Harvey - Crises of Capitalism

Excellent, short, witty and insightful animation of David Harvey’s lecture to the Royal Society of Arts.


HARDtalk with David Harvey

HARDtalk David Harvey Marxist Academic Geographer in New York

English Language

Business, family and ownership: working in three dimensions

The Family Firm Institute annual conference is a mixing pot of those who advise family businesses and business families – family counsellors, management  consultants, mediators, accountants, lawyers, psychiatrists, psychologists, academic commentators, a good few family members and, interestingly, consultants who have come from businesses, families. 559 more words


Marx's Animal Other

As well as doing research during my research leave, I have been reading Marx’s Capital, Volume 1 alongside David Harvey’s free online course (which I strongly recommend) – because this is what I count as fun these days. 597 more words

Animal History

Interpretando la estratificación social en una ciudad post-socialista

La ciudad neo-liberal tiende a desarrollar con gran ímpetu comunidades aisladas que reflejan las diferencias entre las clases sociales, segregándolas entre si y limitando enormemente los espacios y paisajes. 570 more words

David Harvey

A New Tack; or, Smash Your Damned Idols

A New Tack; or, Smash Your Damned Idols

I swear to whatever remains holy, if I see another Marxist pamphlet with Lenin’s face emblazoned on it, if I have to read another schismatic party’s organ hailing 1917 as “the most important event in human history,” I’m going to join the EDL. 494 more words