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Straight from the top – ‘Ask the Chair and CEO’

‘Ask me anything’ online engagement events are increasingly being used by public personalities and organisations to offer direct responses to questions posed by fans, followers and, indeed, members. 173 more words


David Harvey on the Commodification of Art and the Aesthetics of Daily Life

The struggle to produce a work of art, a once and for all creation that could find a unique place in the market, had to be an individual effort forged under competitive circumstances.

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HKCGG 2014-15 讀書會:希望的空間/ David Harvey/ 第五、六章


本會已開始閱讀地理學家David Harvey的著作《希望的空間》(Spaces of Hope之中譯本)。

在過去兩次的讀書會中,我們閱讀過這本書的頭四章,探討了David Harvey怎樣將《共產黨宣言》放在地理學的空間維度,用以解讀現今資本的地緣政治,又了解到當代所謂的全球化導致了不平衡的地理發展。


第三次的讀書會將於8月9(星期六),下午2時30,在浸大地理系會議室(AAB1218)舉行。我們將閱讀第五章及第六章(P. 70-116。本會誠邀各位出席。謝謝!


Study Group 讀書會

The Enigma of Capital

David Harvey’s Enigma of Capital a book-length example of Marxian crisis theory addressed to the current situation. Few writers could be better qualified than Harvey to test the continuing validity of a Marxian approach to crisis, a situation he helpfully defines – dictionaries of economics tend to lack any entry for the word – as ‘surplus capital and surplus labour existing side by side with seemingly no way to put them back together’.

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David Harvey presents 10 minute graphically brilliant animated lecture "Crisis of Capitalism"

In this 2010 lecture radical sociologist David Harvey asks: is it time to look beyond capitalism towards a new social order that would allow us to live within a system that really could be responsible, just, and humane? 18 more words