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David Hicks – Justice at Last?

The nice multicultural family in Australia want to talk about the monster now lurking in their cellar that wants to eat up all their babies, but their Uncle Tim tells them all to shut up and keeps waving a paper in their faces with “Section 18C” written all over it. 436 more words

Sarah Hanson-Young

Following up on the CIA Torture Report.

Just over a week ago, New Matilda published my short-essay on the public reception of last December’s CIA Torture Report amongst Australia’s defence think-tanks. Since then, the David Hicks’ Lawyer, Stephen Kenny, has stated that the US Government has… 629 more words


The Dethroning of Modern Science (Part 1)

“Where knowledge grows without wisdom and without reverence, it threatens both our humanity and our world.  Yet modern man suppresses his natural desire to throw himself in the path of science and ask his baffling normative questions (baffling to science, but not insignificant to man).   687 more words

David Hicks Tortured AGAIN On Way Home From Night Out

Former Guantanamo Bay resident and bazooka enthusiast David Hicks has been tortured in Sydney overnight. Mr Hicks was at an end of year function catching up with old friends such as Attorney General George Brandis after which he decided to catch a taxi home which is where the torture began. 126 more words


A Terrorist 'Tortures' Senator at Human Rights Awards.

I don’t want to describe the brutal menu of the CIA’s nonsensical torture. But one Australian recipient of the torture regime was David Hicks. He was invited by his lawyer to attend the 2014 Human Rights Awards last night – and couldn’t stop himself when Senator George Brandis was giving the introductory speech. 303 more words


David Hicks has crawled out from under his rock to get back in the news

Hicks joined (KLA) a militant organisation of ethnic Albanians.Serbian people were butchered and raped.@chriskkenny pic.twitter.com/WR7llO0cyn

— Nat (@Soapbox80) December 11, 2014

War And Peace