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Steamtown; the Carnforth live steam museum, a visitor's guide by David Joy

This is a short but detailed guide to Steamtown, Carnforth as it was in 1972. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t really merit a review; but as a nearly forty-year-old guide it shows how the world of preserved railways has changed. 220 more words

3 charged with sex offences (10.09.83)

The Guardian, 10th September 1983

The Paedophile Information Exchange: Timeline of press cuttings 1975-2014

Three men appeared in court at Bromley yesterday all charged with the same seven offences. 137 more words

PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange)

Confessions of the 'child sex' men (25.08.83)

The Standard, 25th August 1983

CONFESSIONS OF THE ‘CHILD SEX’ MEN (The Standard, 25th August 1983)
Two leaders of the child molester group PIE spoke for the first time today about their organisation and the issue of sex with children. 854 more words

PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange)

Child sex men face jail fury (15.11.84)

Daily Mirror, 15th November 1984

CHILD SEX MEN FACE JAIL FURY (Daily Mirror, 15th November 1984)

Two child-sex campaigners were behind bars last night—terrified of the treatment they face from prisoners who despise their crimes. 312 more words

PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange)

'Bastards' fury at a child sex court case (10.09.83)

Daily Mirror, 10th September 1983

‘BASTARDS’ FURY AT A CHILD SEX COURT CASE (Daily Mirror, 10th September 1983)

A struggling woman is dragged away by a policeman after anger flared outside a court where three members of the child-sex group, the Paedophile Information Exchange, appeared yesterday. 113 more words

PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange)

Child sex men charged (09.09.83)

Daily Mirror, 9th September 1983

CHILD SEX MEN CHARGED (Daily Mirror, 9th September 1983)

Three members of the child-sex group Paedophile Information Exchange will appear in court today accused of sex offences involving children. 240 more words

PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange)