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All The Films I saw in 2014 -- Part 3

Ah. I love the smell of highly flammable sink water in the morning.

Films 132-101

Films 100-75

75. GasLand (2010) — Josh Fox

Whether Josh Fox sensationalizes the truth or not, GasLand provides ample room for the discussion about the environmental impact of fracking and corporations’ inability to engage in dialogue about it. 921 more words

What do you faggots want? NICOLAS CAGE

Siden the gum you like is coming back in style, kan jeg minne den første David Lynch-filmen jeg så: Wild at Heart. Da var Nicolas Cage en av de tøffeste fyrene som var. 688 more words


Gone Girl (2014)

I saw this film by myself at a local theater, and the only other people inside of the room with me were two elderly ladies who must have been friends. 139 more words


25/01/2015 – Transcend-Night Life in Twin Peaks (2015)

Synth version of Twin Peaks soundtrack shouldn’t work but does incredibly well

Something’s should be covered. They are originally perfect, so why mess with them? When I read that a label from Austin was going to put a 1980’s synth version of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, I was dubious. 444 more words


Blue Velvet (1986) by David Lynch

An early Lynch movie/ and my favourite of his till now/ which will surely get shuffled later by the density of his later, maturer works| 683 more words


Lost Highway (1997) by David Lynch

Lost Highway| Lh| is a highly disturbing movie, like all of Lynch’s ones; but this here tops it all off with the most senseless depiction of human violence/ senseless because we are knocked senseless by his craft| This is not a praise book of Lynch/ it is evident he was thinking, on the go, and there are things that have perhaps no meaning except an appeal to the director – hence they are in the movie, and attempts to attach meaning to them, though most rewarding, will be a personal, subjective activity| The most harrowing part of Lh is it total banishment of lightness and funzy sexuality – which make its ideawise exact movie Mullholand Drive | Md| much more bearable/ the two sexy booby babe and pixie chic lighten the mood enough to bear us through a lot of ideas/ in Lh, on the other had; one can just feel despirited by the whole watch| 309 more words


Mullholand Drive (2001) by David Lynch

Mullholand Drive loses its way the most banally, in the theater scene, where both women cry theatrically to a 2 O clock midnight show of illusion/ though the point was well, the whole movie and the whole life – a recording; and things existing after what the sense can ascertain, has dissolved/ the scene was so shallow – showing the viewer the two girls, in each other’s arms weeping, looking both of them, so sexually appealing, and soft, in their most feminine states, egging the viewer to join them in taking the whole scene seriously – was totally unnecessary/ the scene itself was good on the stage; and had Lynch developed the scene stronger, it would have affected the viewer sharper, than executing the only shallow scene in the rather superb movie| 1,124 more words