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Rouge Louboutin by David Lynch

Nothing is more iconic than the red Louboutin sole. A staple on the well-heeled everywhere, most people don’t know that the inspiration for the red sole actually came from women’s nail polish. 81 more words


The Lynch Ledger-Entry Six: Twin Peaks-Fire Walk with Me (1992)

The television series, “Twin Peaks”, premiered in April of 1990, and became a mini-phenomenon. “Who killed Laura Palmer?” never quite reached the frenzy of “Who Shot J.R.?”(from “Dallas”, a decade earlier), but it was pretty palpable, all the same. 1,142 more words


The Importance Of Having A Setup

I was reading David Lynch’s book Catching The Big Fish this week and he summed up my feelings on organization perfectly.

Some morning, in a perfect world, you might wake up, have a coffee, finish meditation, and say “Okay, today I’m going into the shop to work on a lamp.”  This idea comes to you, you can see it, but to accomplish it you need what I call a “setup.” 418 more words


'Jodorowsky's Dune' Review 6.5.14

A fascinating documentary of one of the most important directors of the 60’s & 70’s, who longed to make Frank Hubert’s Science Fiction classic novel ‘Dune’, into a feature length film. 307 more words

The Black Lodge

Digital textile design. Inspired by David Lynch’s television series, “Twin Peaks.”

Now available here.

Art For Sale

First in a Possible Series: The Goddess’s Favorite Creepy Movie Scenes, or Why the Fuck Does David Lynch Freak Me Out So Much?

Yesterday, as I was indulging in that great American pastime of frittering my workday away on the internet, I suddenly and quite inexplicably became obsessed with reading various publications’ rankings of the top 100 horror films and scenes. 1,349 more words

Best Horror Films

david lynch, is that you?

is it you, david? Please tell me someone on the internet sees it too.