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Book review - Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell

As anyone who saw the film last year will be aware, Cloud Atlas is actually six different stories – though still managing to be a single story in its own way. 544 more words

Book Review

My Review of "Cloud Atlas"

“Cloud Atlas” is best known as the inspiration for a recent movie that was either genre-bending and incisive or a completely gimmicky mess. I am inclined to go with the latter option, but the book is nothing sort of superb. 700 more words


TGCU! Week 6: Adam Gopnik

We continue with the great catch up and skip ahead a little bit by not mentioning a couple of books I don’t want to discuss here, and talking instead about Adam Gopnik’s beautiful book… 726 more words


So this is me

Hello, internet!

I am an 18 year old currently living with 2 good mates in an apartment on campus at ANU in Canberra, Australia. All three of us are studying science and I want to eventually become a nuclear physicist (but I’m sure I’ll find something a bit more realistic as I go further into my degree) 338 more words

"We're all a little dishonest. But cheating at bridge is a step too far..."

Inspiring on two levels, this article by David Mitchell in the Guardian was both brilliantly written and raised some really interesting points.

Not about the card game bridge, but about honesty. 282 more words

Echo Chamber - Cloud Atlas (2012) by Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykver & Andy Wachowski

          To begin: Some films work best as linear experiences, relating to us instantly recognizeable truths, utilizing unspectacular embellishments to tell their stories. When we look at the stunted lifestyles on display in the first half of… 1,749 more words