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You Should Read David Mitchell

“Love’s pure free joy when it works, but when it goes bad you pay for the good hours at loan-shark prices.”

- Holly Sykes in David Mitchell’s 

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Funky Cover Fridays

Hello again!

I’ve decided to add this short weekly post to highlight different book covers that I think are pretty awesome. Feel free to tell me what you think about them or to share your favourite covers as well! 110 more words

The Bone Clocks

On the 2nd September 2014 the literary world will change.  The Bone Clocks will be David Mitchell’s sixth published novel and in my opinion his best so far. 800 more words


David Mitchell - The Bone Clocks

Superstar author and all-round literary genius David Mitchell (the guy who wrote Cloud Atlas, not the chubby British comedian whose wife plays poker for a living) has been persuaded by his PR company to open a Twitter account. 411 more words

Flash Fiction

so (2)

& i look thru my recent afterdinner Padwriter emails to my PC since last week & find myself reading this — and remember that in yesterday’s post I wrote something about the majority of voters, & some thoughts in the second of these (but you need to read the first to get it) resonates with that, so i’ll post them (not without adding & changing a few things here & there). 1,184 more words

My Random Writings

E-publishing with a twist - Twitter style!

David Mitchell (not the comedian, the other David Mitchell, author of one of my favourite novels Black Swan Green) has recently joined Twitter, and yesterday he started tweeting his story #THERIGHTSORT…  Yes, that’s right – telling the entire story (which has been written especially for the medium of Twitter) in bite sized chunks.  165 more words

Short Stories

Is Twitter a Good Medium for Writing/Reading?

This week, British writer David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas and The Ghostwritten, started posting his new story “The Right Sort” via Twitter, reported… 177 more words