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The Most Important Word for Fed Watchers - Making Money with Charles Payne

David joins host Charles Payne to talk about his recent article on the Fed and what has become the most important word for Fed watchers.

David Nelson

FOMC Statement - The One Word that Matters Most

By David Nelson, CFA

This week’s FOMC meeting is expected to be a yawner. It’s the middle of summer, it’s hot and half of Wall Street is on vacation. 844 more words

David Nelson

Jets training camp preview: Wide Receivers/ Tight ends

There’s no easy way to put it, our receivers SUCKED last year. They were fucking awful. They were slow, injured or just always unable to catch the ball. 482 more words


Mr. Bezos - Please Sir, I'd Like Some More

By David Nelson, CFA

Just some quick thoughts from last nights’ Amazon (AMZN) conference call.

Amazon (AMZN) may be at a crossroads with investors. No one is questioning the success of the company or Jeff Bezos vision. 221 more words

David Nelson

Big Mac & Coke - Investors Aren't Lovin' It

By David Nelson, CFA

Few companies have dominated their categories more than McDonalds (MCD) and Coca Cola (KO). Since 1982 both are up well over 5000%. 866 more words

David Nelson

Jets' Nelson Follows Rex's Lead: 'This Is A Playoff Team'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Rex Ryan’s job could be in jeopardy if the Jets fail to make the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

But he… 552 more words


Where Are the Perp Walks? - Man on the Street - CCTV

David does a man on the street interview with CCTV’s Karina Huber on the Banking industry. Short Soundbite.

David Nelson