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The New York Yankees - September Update

As the 2014 season draws to its conclusion and the Yankees role in that season has already ended, it merely remains for us to look at the month of September. 562 more words


Game 158: BAL vs. NYY -- Eliminated from October baseball

It’s official. With today’s loss against the visiting Orioles, the AL East Division Champions, the Yankees are officially eliminated from the Wild Card race, which means there is no chance at October baseball. 964 more words


Game 156: We did WHAT to the Orioles?!

The Yankees never fail to amuse me sometimes.  The Orioles are arguably the best team in the American League, yet we manage to one-hit them, at home, in the last week of the season.  219 more words


Game 156: BAL vs. NYY -- A 1-hit shutout, the new guy, & the veterans

Sometimes in a game, there are one or two guys to talk about. Sometimes there are none (and I hate writing those posts). But sometimes, it’s a whole lot of guys. 842 more words


Game 154: TOR vs. NYY -- Troubled pitching

When the pitching stats on your pitchers reads “6-6-6″, you know it’s not going to be a good game. (6 runs, 6 walks, 6 strikeouts total) And it certainly wasn’t. 643 more words


Game 150: NYY vs. TB -- Implosion, explosion, protests, and ejections

Okay, let me just say that I have absolutely no idea where to start because I have no idea what happened in Tampa tonight. At some point, everything just kind of imploded and then exploded. 1,519 more words