Tags » David Phillips

Day 106

Self Portrait

He was far too inquisitive

for a boy from a land-locked

county; trigger always half-cocked;

ready to fight; ready to give

his heart at a moment’s notice - 48 more words

Day 105

Potion Making

We made potions in a cauldron

from leaves and bark and berries -

stirring the mixture to a tincture

and licking the spoon like children. 59 more words

Day 104

Modern Congregation

The street-preacher has more

listeners today. The high-street

has fewer shops. His audience

grows in times of poverty.

His church is a department store… 119 more words

Day 103

Haiku III

Pool of spilt coffee

a half eaten choux eclair,

the cat got the cream.

Day 96

Perfect Circles

We walked beside
the river,
counting the steps

it took to take
to make us happy
talking over

the sound of night birds… 56 more words

Day 95

There is a Rose in my Throat

There is a rose in my throat
and it is growing -
it is climbing the walls of my throat… 170 more words

Day 94

The Girl in Gum-Drop Shoes

She took

a single,

gentle step




to be, at once,

eager and



and coy;

strong, weak, 13 more words