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Follow Me: Reading Guide Post #2

“You are what you eat”

Do you remember your mother growing up telling you at some point, “You are what you eat!” The Bible offers similar advice. 162 more words


Stories and Social Justice (a sandwich)

The short answer, for why I write on this blog is because it satisfies an itch.  I get tired of ugly things. Not to say that my blog is the most beautiful piece of writing ever to grace the interwebs. 618 more words

Saved From Hell or Saved From Sin?

Yesterday I caught the tail end of the radio show Radical with David Platt, which was originally aired on Moody Radio. Unfortunately, I had been scanning radio stations and just happened to catch a little piece of it, and I can’t even tell you what radio station it was aired on or which radio cast it was (without going back and listening to all podcasts). 1,118 more words

Christian Women

Why Is There Only One Way to God?

That’s a good, worthwhile question: if God is really loving, how can there be only one way to Him? How does that make any sense? 17 more words


Boring: Finding an Extrodinary God in an Ordinary Life (A review of a book that is anything but boring).

  You want to read a down to earth and encouraging book? Read this one! In a market saturated with hype, this book is a breath of fresh air. 285 more words


Thoughts on the book "Follow Me" by David Platt

Previously, my blog has been about how Christian ministry has been a part of my life and what I’ve been learning along the way. When it came to posting updates, I was inconsistent at best. 617 more words


The Role of Desperate Prayer in Relenting Wrath | David Platt T4G 2014 Sermon

David Platt tackles God’s relenting of wrath based on the intercession of Moses in Exodus 32. The Sovereign God allows us to intercede and plead for His power, why is there such a lack of prayer in our lives?