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David Rees / Get Your War On (USA, c. 2005)

Another not-quite-a-harm-reduction-tee design, but a great comment on drug policy nonetheless. This was done by the brilliant comic artist David Rees, also known for the series My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable. 10 more words

Staff Picks: Flavorwire's Favorite Cultural Things This Week

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Going Deep with David Rees Ends an Awesome First Season

While the Emmys may have gotten the most attention, last night was also the season finale of one of this summer’s best showsGoing Deep with David Rees.  498 more words


Disappointed In NatGeo

I normally steer clear of any controversial subjects, but this shocked me to the point that I really felt the need to post about it. 324 more words

Days At Home


From David Rees’s book/collection of illustrations My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable. Got it used for $0.25.

One Photo Every Day

Going Deep.

People are sometimes surprised to hear me gush about how much I love television, because to all appearances, I don’t watch it much. You could say I love television the same way that I love doughnuts; I love them no less for not eating them every damn day. 640 more words

Going Deep with David Rees

Have you ever wondered what the best coin is for flipping? Or what kinds of shovels to use to properly dig a hole? Or what the best method is to swat a fly? 427 more words