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The One Where Ross And Chandler Predict 'Transcendence'

Could this BE any more sentient?

Did you know Ross predicted the movie Transcendence during an episode of Friends back in 1999? The prescient clip below is from… 100 more words


Friends Fashion x Joey and Monica

They infiltrated our homes, filled us with laughter, and became our Friends (excuse the pun). These characters may also have influenced our closets and style. The first example of fashion by  54 more words

Street Style

The Best of Ross Geller

After being at home over the Easter Holidays I was revelling in the fact that I had my sky box back (such a first world child) as having my sky box back meant one thing and one thing only… Friends. 231 more words


5 Interviews With Psychopaths That Will Make You Feel Less Crazy

1. Bitches Be Crazy, Too!

While the majority of diagnosed psychopaths are men, women are not immune to the condition. As a result we have this startling footage of… 979 more words

Val Kilmer Tweets A Shirtless Selfie Staring At A Picture Of David Schwimmer

By now we all know that Channing Tatum’s writing process involves staring at a bust of Matthew McConaughey (I for one can imagine no greater muse). 102 more words

Film Drunk

The Iceman (2012)

I felt like I was back in the 80′s when I watched this one ’cause Winona Ryder looked just like she did back then doing movies. 305 more words



Who remembers when Ross thought Rachel would cheat on him with that starchy-nerdy-not-in-a-cool-way-like-Ross guy from her office? He got really obsessed about it and she was so overwhelmed that we could all predict what would happen – they’d break up and she would have a date with Mark – I think his name is Mark – but she realizes he’s not Ross and all that… (Well, we did not predict the we-were-on-a-break-sex. 230 more words