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Japan: Brothers of Gloomy Pioneers? (Part 4 of 4: The Final)

Odd Connections

There are times when things you would never put together tend to have some sort of connection, either intentionally or unintentionally. For two bands that moved in completely different directions, it’s quite a surprise that Japan and Joy Division would share something in common. 2,249 more words


. by the mask I will know thee . part one

Within me dwelt a deep fear and I took refuge in fantasy
like a distressed child in his book of fairy-tales.
I didn’t want to look ahead and even less to look behind. 1,297 more words


Japan: Brothers of Gloomy Pioneers? (Part 1 of 4)

Are Japan really the “pretentious” New Romantics many claim them to be or is there something more? In the first of four parts, I bring up some wild theories about their influence in post-punk, art rock, and the gothic subculture. 2,713 more words


Gentlemen Take Polaroids

I entered a long-time favourite album of mine to BBC Radio 6 a few weeks ago, to their All Killer No Filler in Liz Kershaw’s Saturday afternoon programme. 238 more words