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Global manufacturer plans to revive the cork Down Under

WHEN CorkGuard Closures Ltd introduced SmartCork to the market it knew the Australian wine industry would be tough to crack because of its preference for screwcap. 532 more words


July 5, 1865

The soldiers hear that they are finally going home.

4 miles S E of Louisville  K.Y.  Wednesday, July 5, 1865   Very Warm and dry   A patch of oats is being harvested close by our camp   there is considerable meadow land around here and haying has been going on ever since we have been here   the Soldiers try their hand at haying and harvesting a little but their work don’t amount to much   I tried it a little just a few minutes   didnt see any fun in it   recd a letter from and wrote to David   the order to muster out all the army of the Tenn was read to our reg   the boys were in high glee and manifested their delight by loud and frequent cheers   an abolitionist undertook to preach Nigger Equality  boys Stoned him and made him quit   Ralston was very drunk also   some other of our boys slightly intoxicated


Eric Wiegardt


Eric Wiegardt AWS DF, NWS  has taught over 5,000 watercolorists his popular “Secrets of Painting Loose” workshops . Over 4,000 original paintings have been collected privately and corporately. 259 more words

May 27, 1865

Saturday, May 27, 1865  5 miles north of Washington D C  Rained all night and looks very little like clearing off   as yet we have not policed our camp yet on account of the rain  we are all laying around our chebangs   sadly in want of something amusing or instructive with which to while away the long hours   I wrote to David… 92 more words


March 31, 1865

The penalty for rape was evidently as severe as it was for murder.

Friday, March 31, 1865   lay in camp   recd a letter from Amanda   I wrote a long letter to David… 99 more words


What Are the Trendiest Popular Names of All Time?

A biotechnologist named David Taylor has come up with a new way to study trendy, popular names. Instead of looking at currently “hot” names from TV shows and movies, he used a chemistry algorithm called “chromatography” to analyze Social Security Administration data from inception to date for the purpose of finding the trendiest popular names of all time. 302 more words

Bruce Lansky

Polly on the Fountain

Location: Oldbury, West Midlands, England

This lost cast iron drinking fountain was manufactured by the Coalbrookdale Company Foundry. David Taylor, the founder of the London Ironworks in Oldbury, bequeathed to the town in his will a sum of money to purchase a drinking fountain, (the proposal to erect a fountain had been initiated 35 years earlier.) It was erected at the corner of Birmingham Street and Unity Place on the same site from which Jack Judge, composer of ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’, would later sell fish from his handcart. 624 more words