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Five Saddest Losses On The Rebooted Doctor Who Series

Doctor Who… As far as a Science Fiction show goes, this show has three things that I would definitely say is definitely similar to that of, ‘Star Trek’… That being the fact that both shows have been entertaining audiences since the 60s, (‘Star Trek’ being an American science fiction show that started airing in 1966, and Doctor Who being a British science fiction show that started airing in 1963.) 955 more words

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Return of the Geriatric! (Doctor Who Gets Old Again)

Now don’t get me wrong- I loved what David Tennant and especially Matt Smith brought to the (time) table. Tennant’s quirky, flippant, “Allons-y!” intensity and Smith’s spastic, playful, geekery were joyous to watch week to week. 242 more words

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The Complete Book of K9 - Coming December 2014

Coming out in time for Christmas 2014, The Complete Book of K9 is the perfect gift for any fan of The Doctor’s best robotic friend. The book was originally scheduled for release two years ago. 69 more words

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Fictional Characters: The Tenth Doctor

The Doctor, the lead character in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, is one of the most well-known British fictional characters of all time.  The Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet  2,403 more words


Doctor Who: Listen (S8E04) Review


I’m starting to quite enjoy this new series of “The Adventures Of Clara Oswald”. They’ve done a really good job of replacing her time travelling sidekick without allowing him to hog too much of the limelight and take the focus of the series off our heroine. 610 more words


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So, I just plowed through season 1 (well, reboot season 1) of Dr. Who. I forgot how much I just adore Chris Eccleston’s goofy face and ears. 208 more words

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ConStar's Pilot Watch: Gracepoint

I watched the Broadchurch pilot once, then never made it back for the rest of the series. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, but maybe at the time it was a bit heavy for what I wanted to watch? 364 more words

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