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Five Characters In Broadchurch Who Could've Killed Danny

What is it? British, Crime TV Series. Received an IMDB Rating of 8.4
Who should watch it? Fans of crime and mystery, who enjoyed shows like… 736 more words


Forget Gracepoint, Watch Broadchurch

When I first heard about Gracepoint, I was confused. People were raving about Broadchurch, so why do an American remake for something that was pretty much readily available to American audiences via BBC America. 649 more words

What We Did On Our Holiday

What We Did On Our Holiday should be re-titled ‘Outnumbered: The Holiday’. A very enjoyable film but from the outset it is abundantly clear this is a brainchild from the Outnumbered creators. 108 more words


Gracepoint Episode 3: Did They Really Need a Whole Episode For This?!

The third episode of Gracepoint has left me cold and confused. I’m not completely sure what it was, but I just wasn’t as engaged when I watched the most recent episode as I was with the pilot or even the second. 420 more words


Well Worn Poetry

Poetry inspires. It can comfort and console. Likewise it can excite and enrage. There are some poems, some lines so oft-repeated that they lose their power. 118 more words