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There's A TARDIS in Troy, N.Y. [VIDEO]

Someone has built a TARDIS and has been moving it to different places in Troy, N.Y. When a friend told me she had found where it currently was, I hopped in the car to get some pictures and record a little “Man on The Scene” news report about it. 150 more words


My Top 5 Doctor Who Season Finales

At the time I am posting this it is still Halloween, so Happy Halloween everyone! Well seeing as how the first part of the series 8 finale of… 2,139 more words

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Who, Haggis, and Halloween: David Tennant on Letterman

Sporting a violet suit that would make the Doctor proud, David Tennant appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday night.

The Gracepoint star talked about filming in British Columbia, why his kids love spending the fall in America, being Scottish, and more.  60 more words


What We Did On Our Holiday (2014)

  • Title: What We Did On Our Holiday
  • Directed by: Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin
  • Starring: Billy Connolly, Rosalund Pike, David Tennant, Ben Miller, Emelia Jones, Harriet Turnbull and Bobby Smalldridge…
  • 613 more words


“Blink and you’re dead” he said.

A terrifying sentence, surely not, you must have thought. But then to see how it worked, scared the crap out of you didn’t it? 192 more words

Doctor Who: rating Peter Capaldi

As an American, Doctor Who is not part of my culture the way it seems to be in the UK.

I first started watching it when I was maybe 8 or so, because channel 9 in New York would show episodes of this crazy, British sci-fi show on Saturday mornings. 650 more words

Doctor Who Rant: I hated Russell T Davis' run

You read the title, and no, I will not apologise. I cannot stand RTD’s run. Looking back on a lot of it, while it did a lot for Doctor Who, by bringing it into the 21st Century, a lot of it isn’t as good as I remember. 1,407 more words

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