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David Tennant favourite to play Sir Alex Ferguson for Hollywood biopic

David Tennant is the favourite to play former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson in a biopic

An ex-American football player Werner Roth reportedly wants to turn Fergie’s career into a movie, with David in the lead role. 171 more words


Gracepoint Episode 4 Review: Not "Who Killed Danny?", The Question Is "Who WAS Danny?"

Most of the time, police shows only give a basic amount of insight into who a murder victim was as a person. After all, the victims only really serve as plot devices to set the mystery plot moving, so it’s generally okay if they’re flat characters. 393 more words


Is it good keeping it "in the family"

So once again the spiel.

Peter Davison=Fifth Doctor

David Tennant=10th Doctor

Georgia Moffet=10th doctor’s daughter, Peter Davison’s daughter, and David Tennant’s wife.

Was Peter happy to add another Doctor in the family? Or was he threatened?


Gracepoint 1.04 or A Cast of Characters or Trailers and Other Trash

Last night’s episode of Gracepoint was brought to you by the number 6. Six stands for the total number of characters which we suspected could have killed Danny in the span of 45 minutes. 1,311 more words


Day of the Girl

“Feminism: a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes” (source: janetmock.com)

I hear stories, almost daily, that fill me with to the brim with feelings of depression and hopelessness, because in a world that should be evolving towards a greater state of civilisation, it feels as though we are only regressing. 743 more words


Gracepoint: Who Killed Danny…Really?

Gracepoint: Who Killed Danny…Really?

Gracepoint, the almost frame by frame remake of Broadchurch from the United Kingdom, is stubbornly using a campaign of “who killed Danny.” Really? 89 more words